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Leadership opportunity for procurement: Defining savings

As procurement becomes more strategic and manages a greater percentage of organizational spend, it's becoming more common for it to report to the finance organization. This makes sense. But I'm often surprised by how little procurement  knows about finance and finance knows about procurement. It’s hard to work together well…Read blog post

Aspirations to become trusted advisors tops procurement priorities, says new study

There’s something new on procurement’s radar. Yes, more budget would be nice, and so would an endless supply of talent, but those are not new to the list. According to the The CPO Agenda, Hackett Group’s annual study of key procurement issues, becoming a trusted advisor now tops the…Read blog post

The Coupa Top 5: Earning trust and diving deeper into data

Analytics and big data projects are starting to appear on the radar screens of forward thinking procurement organizations. Many companies have a rich store of data to pull from, and procurement is well positioned to undertake these types of projects. Studies show that even small projects can yield big…Read blog post

The death of email or the birth of choice?

I was talking to an analyst the other day about new software features we’ve developed to let people perform transactions directly from their email without having to register for, or log in to a system. I’m a fan of this kind of functionality, because it really helps people live…Read blog post

Procurement people are getting smarter, but technology and talent challenges persist

A few weeks ago, we featured an article by Susan Avery, Procurement Changes in the Past 10 Years in the Coupa Top 5. Avery, a longtime writer on the topics of purchasing and procurement, pulled together some interesting statistics on how procurement has changed over the past 10, and…Read blog post

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