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Collaboration needed to unlock the power of the gig economy

The gig economy refers to the growing number of people who work on a contingent basis. These people are not on a company’s payroll; they provide services on a consulting, freelance or temporary basis, either full-time or part-tine. The number of people taking this route has risen dramatically in…Read blog post

To ensure e-invoicing compliance, look beyond comfort letters

Any conversation about global electronic invoicing quickly leads to compliance with regulatory requirements--VAT (Value Added Tax) rules as well as laws around accounting, trade, customs and data protection. The rules are different in every country, and achieving global compliance is central to the business case for an e-invoicing solution. But,…Read blog post

Smart sourcing tips for double-digit hotel savings

Business travel is up, and so are hotel mergers. That means hoteliers have more negotiating power, and room rates are rising too. According to research by BCD and Carlson Wagonlit published late last year, US customers were seeing an average rise of between one and two percent in their negotiated…Read blog post

Busting 4 common supplier myths about e-sourcing and reverse auctions

  • March 16, 2017
  • |
  • Andy Chiang
  •  |
  • Sourcing
Suppliers often balk at being asked to participate in e-sourcing and reverse auctions, either due to unfamiliarity with the process or from prior negative experiences. They may even offer buyers a pre-emptive discount to try to stop them from doing e-sourcing. Don’t take it!   In my last article, I…Read blog post

E-invoicing: Why aren’t we there yet?

Back in 2000, an optimistic analyst named Michael Killen projected that by 2002, e-invoicing would be widely adopted, and 80 percent of all invoices in the world would be submitted electronically, because it's such a logical thing to do. No one, he proclaimed, would send paper anymore. Of course, here…Read blog post

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