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Why requisitioning must be part of the ERP conversation

Having either implemented or worked with some of the major ERP systems on the market, I think I’m on safe ground when I say, nobody chooses to do requisitioning through their ERP system. They settle for it. ERP systems are largely built for finance and the controllership. End users…Read blog post

The Tale of the Tail, Part 2: Finding the Gold in the Mid-tail

In the past, the costly and onerous processes of working with EDI and cXML would prevent companies from enabling most small- and medium- sized suppliers, also known as the tail of suppliers. Electronic connection into procurement and accounting systems was mainly reserved for the top twenty percent of large suppliers…Read blog post

For spend management success, don’t say the P words!

When should a growing company start building its procurement infrastructure? When you reach about 100 employees, or when you buy your first ERP system, whichever comes first.  Not many companies have the foresight to do this. The common wisdom is that you bring in procurement at about 700-900 people. That’s…Read blog post

3 Ways Procurement Can Build Credibility with Executives

How can procurement professionals build credibility with executives? Let’s start with why. Is this just a discussion of how to work within a bureaucracy by knowing the right people in the right places? No. If you want to grow in your career by taking on new and bigger…Read blog post

Making frenemies with open booking, the new megatrend in corporate travel

  • May 23, 2016
  • |
  • Ethan Laub
  •  |
  • Expenses
Open booking, the practice of business travelers booking all or parts of their trips outside of their company’s approved channels, has always plagued corporate travel programs. Over the past decade and a half, open bookings have exploded, leaving travel managers struggling to maintain policy compliance and data integrity for their…Read blog post

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