About Us



Change usually starts by asking a few good questions. Back in 2006 the enterprise software space was suffering from a real lack of innovation. It was expensive, difficult to install, required extensive training and people hated using it. The founders of Coupa saw that people were already easily shopping online from home, but at work they were saddled with systems they hated. So they asked themselves, “Why should the way we buy at work be any different from how we buy at home? And better still… “Shouldn’t software work the way people do, and not the other way around?”


And that was the start of Coupa, procurement software made with one focus - the end user. Coupa was founded on the premise that it should be easy for people to help save their company money. It was a radical idea, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter how good your procurement software is, if people don’t use it, you won’t save a dime.


Today we’re still all about the end user and giving people innovative solutions to help them contribute to the company savings. Coupa works on mobile, in the cloud and the interface is convenient and familiar. Most people say it feels just like shopping from home. In fact people like it so much that most companies see a user adoption rate of almost 100%! 


Coupa helps companies create an environment of responsible spending, and by doing that they save money. After all, software doesn’t spend money, people do. And when we’re united by a common purpose, great things happen.  E-procurement is an outdated concept; it’s time for We-procurement.


Welcome to Coupa.