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How to Get Employees to (Really) Use New Technology

When it comes to on-boarding a brand new technology, businesses and their IT teams want to make sure they’ve selected a solution that truly solves a problem. The fastest way to do so is by ensuring new technology will be rapidly adopted – and regardless of the technology, adoption is crucial to realizing ROI.



Requisitions from Outer Space

Let me tell you a true story: in the span of one week, a single Coupa customer created 2600 requisitions resulting in 3000 purchase orders. But not one of these 2600 requisitions were initiated from within Coupa.



Friday Link Corral: 07.08.11

Nothing's tastier than a five-hundred dollar footlong.


It’s Friday afternoon, you’re still at the office — and you have a to-do list longer than the Shanghai Metro. Don’t you wish you had something to read for a much-needed link break?



Friday Link Corral: 07.01.11

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re still at the office — and the long weekend is so close you can smell the hot dogs on the grill. What to do until the 3-day weekend finally hits?



Why Usability Needs to be on IT’s Checklist

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and yet our fearless leader, Rob Bernshteyn, found time to have two very interesting, and different, conversations with well-respected technology folks, NetworkWorld editor-in-chief John Dix, and IT Business Edge blogger (and long-time IT scribe) Mike Vizard.


At Coupa, we believe in the power behind democratizing enterprise applications, so they’re more accessible to more users in a true “DIY” fashion. Cloud and related technologies are behind democratization, because they tend to innovate faster and are more aligned with consumer sensibilities. Thus, both conversations came about hoping to talk about the increased democratization of technology.



Happy Social Media Day!

Social media is huge this year and corporations are racing to fully leverage the many social media platforms consumers have long adopted.



Rob Bernshteyn Presents: The New Coupa

Coupa has always helped our customers tame their spend by providing an innovative, easy to use, fast to implement and cost-effective cloud spend management application.



Friday Link Corral: 06.24.11

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re still at the office — and Saturday is right around the corner. How to get through these last few hours before the weekend?



Spend Matters Covers New Coupa Release

It’s been 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day since the new Coupa release and we couldn’t be prouder of the latest iteration of our Cloud Spend Management platform.



Employees are Consumers…Imagine That!

I recently read a blog post on Enterprise Irregulars that raised an important but often overlooked concept: employees are also consumers. Today’s young professionals were born mouse-in-hand, turning to sites like Amazon and eBay to shop and Facebook to connect with friends. But it’s not just themillennials – we’ve reached a point where our grandparents, for whom their early memories of technology were purely industrial, are now embracing social networking and online search. If someone born during the Great Depression can intuitively figure out how to use Amazon and Facebook, shouldn’t we apply the same ease-of-use to applications we depend on every day in the workplace?



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