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Pain (Relief) in the Cloud: Integration. (Part 2)

We covered the basic definition of an integration in part 1, up next, top two integration myths.


Friday Link Corral: 06.10.11

Not $17K.


It’s Friday afternoon, you’re still at the office — but only because your company’s weekly happy hour doesn’t start until 5pm. So what to do until then?


Pain (Relief) in the Cloud: Integration. (Part 1)

Integration. A word that sends project managers into a state of panic and strikes fear into the hearts of IT staffers — but only because integration is a commonly misunderstood portion of a software acquisition workflow.


Pain (Relief) in the Cloud: I Have a Plan – Best Practices for Change Management in 2011

Good change is exhilarating, bad change is confounding – where do you want to be? When change management is done right, it can immediately improve processes and ensure alignment, which can save a bundle of money (and headaches). When change goes wrong, it can lead to confusion, delays, and extra costs, which can have you wishing you never started.



Coupa’s Vision: 100% Alignment between Cloud Vendors and their Customers

1st Generation of Enterprise Software – Customer Bears all the Risk

It wasn’t that long ago in the Enterprise Software industry that vendors charged customers large up-front software fees, which effectively meant customers bore all implementation and financial risk for the project.


America’s Biggest (Over) Spenders [Infographic]


That’s how much I’ve spent at Starbucks since I started tracking my expenditures on just over two years ago. That works out to over $88 per month. Even that underestimates my consumption, because it excludes purchases at Peet’s, Mom & Pop coffee shops, and anything I pay for with cash. That’s $2,478.60 just on credit card transactions at Starbucks.


Pain (Relief) in the Cloud: Designed for Failure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) had a pretty bad day last Thursday. As a result,many websites had a similarly bad day. Coupa was not one of those websites. Yes, Coupa uses AWS to power our Cloud Spend Management platform and yes, we were impacted too. However, while select websites were down all day, Coupa customers only experienced a minor service disruption while we worked around the AWS issue.


Pain (Relief) in the Cloud: A Special Series

In the context of enterprise software, the earliest cloud applications garnered an unfortunate reputation for causing more headache than relief. When “the cloud” first emerged, it was supposed to be the answer for all sorts of problems — but instead, it taught an entire generation of users to cringe upon hearing “cloud”, “enterprise”, and “application” uttered in the same sentence.



Raising the Savings Bar (Or, How To Cut 10% of Your Total Spend)

Raising the savings bar? What does that actually mean?


Raising Your Standards (Or, How Rent-A-Center Won With Two Best-In-Class Solutions)

We know you’re busy (I know I am), so we’ll keep it short.

What do Cloud Spend Management (CSM) and eSourcing solutions (like Coupa and Emptoris, respectively) provide enterprises like Rent-A-Center?



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