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Coupa’s Cloud Spend Management Solutions Gain Momentum with Significant Customer Uptake

96% subscription renewal rate, enterprise go-lives and new product enhancements propel the company into Q3

SAN MATEO, CA – Coupa Software, the leading provider of disruptive and innovative cloud spend management (CSM) solutions, today announced significant momentum spanning customer implementations, user adoption, new product enhancements and new customer acquisitions.


Making Cents in the Clo

Unless you are techie immersed in the latest application languages, platforms and the like, chances are you haven’t really thought much about “the cloud” beyond asking yourself “what the heck is cloud computing and why should I care?”. As business professionals, we are all responsible for helping our organizations achieve success and profitability. And this is exactly why each of us should care about the cloud and its power to drive process efficiencies, eliminate wasteful spending, and deliver savings.


Making Cents in the Cloud

Unless you are techie immersed in the latest application languages, platforms and the like, chances are you haven't really thought much about "the cloud" beyond asking yourself "what the heck is cloud computing and why should I care?".


Berkshire Banks On Coupa For eProcurement

Established in 1846, Berkshire Bank is one of Massachusetts' oldest and largest independent banks and the largest banking institution based in Western Massachusetts.


Berkshire wanted to automate its procure-to-pay processes and gain visibility into its spend.  It selected Coupa based on the ease of use, time to value and ability to support procurement from its branch locations.  Berkshire not only implemented Coupa's eProcurement module but is rolling out its Expense module to the branches as well.  In addition, Coupa is integrated into its ERP system for end to end transaction processing.


Key Implementation Metrics:

Hours required: 43

Leading Enterprises Increase the Business Value and Impact of Their SAP and Oracle Deployments With Coupa e-Procurement

Go Lives With Michaels, Diagnostic Health Corporation and PGi Showcase Coupa’s Flexibility and Strength in Helping Global Enterprises Expand and Improve the Capabilities of Their ERP Systems


Stream Energy Achieves Spend Visibility with Coupa

Stream Energy, an energy company serving customers in Texas and Georgia, is committed to being the industry leader in customer loyalty, built upon excellent customer service, competitive utility rates and innovative products.


Stream Energy is excited about Coupa’s dashboards and budget capabilities to give managers much greater visibility into company’s spend data.


They implemented Coupa e-Procurement with just 16.5 hours of Coupa Professional Services hours.

UCSB Davidson Library Simplifies Purchasing with Coupa


The UC Santa Barbara Library serves the students, faculty, and staff of the University of California, Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara community. As a member of the Association of Research Libraries and of the University of California System, the Library strives to provide top-quality scholarly collections, research assistance, and other essential services to support the mission of the University.


Diagnostic Health Fortifies Spend Management With Coupa!

Diagnostic Health Corporation (DHC) is a stand-alone provider of diagnostic imaging services across the country with over 1,000 employees.  Their facilities offer a combination of outpatient diagnostic imaging services, including MRI, Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine, PET, X-Ray, Flouroscopy, Bone Density, and EMG services. DHC’s focus is to provide outstanding services to their referring physicians, patients, and payors.

Integrating Coupa to core ERP systems gives DHC a complete procure-to-pay solution for controlling company spending. Integrating Coupa’s intuitive and easy-to-use cloud application to complex, on-premise legacy ERP systems is another example of how Coupa is innovating to change enterprise software.

Customer Quote:

“Coupa gives us the ability to make our PeopleSoft ERP system more powerful by allowing us to integrate rich e-procurement and management data into these processes and improve our ability to better manage our business and financial operations,” said Pam Estes, Director of Administration at Diagnostic Health. “With its ability to quickly extend and make more valuable our existing systems and its powerful, easy-to use framework for managing procurement, Coupa is the most flexible e-procurement solution on the market today.”

Key Implementation Metrics:

Hours required: 99

Premier Global Adopts Coupa eProcurement

From conferencing solutions to document delivery, PGi enables the world to connect meaningfully. PGi provides technologies designed with people in mind.  That means PGi helps people collaborate quickly and intuitively, because PGi knows that simplicity makes for better business. Here in the digital age, as face-to-face interaction becomes more uncommon, people want to connect meaningfully more than ever. That’s what PGi does the best.


PGi leveraged Coupa to overcome the following challenges in its Req-to-PO processes -

  • Form based requisitions with no punch-out capabilities
  • Lack of usability of its ERP system’s eProcurement module
  • POs could be created in the ERP by only a limited group of employees
  • Enhance returns on its investments in the ERP

Key Implementation Metrics:

Hours required: 120

Graham Packages Coupa With ERP For eProcurement !

Graham Packaging™ is a worldwide leader in the design, sale, and manufacture of value-added, custom blow-molded plastic containers for branded consumer products.  Graham uses technology and innovation to deliver solutions that meet customers’ needs for new designs, product performance requirements, cost management and sustainability. Graham’s strong design capabilities have been especially important to customers, who generally use packaging to differentiate and add value to their brands.


Graham implemented Coupa as a strategic extension to their ERP and will be rolling out Coupa to its locations worldwide.  It is leveraging Coupa’s unique capabilities including:

  • Simple, user friendly interface for employees, managers and administrators
  • Ease of configuration – offloads IT burden
  • Support for distributed location

Key Implementation Metrics:

Hours required: 57.25

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