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Endless Possibilities with Coupa and SnapLogic

Back in June, I covered the basics of integrating two (or more) applications or data sets. In my previous post, I mentioned most enterprise-level integrations are accomplished by “middleware.” I’d like to show you exactly what that means, using SnapLogic as the example.



Seeking Alpha Finds Coupa

When your Mom tells you you’re on the fast track to success, it’s nice, but when Seeking Alpha devotes a story to it, it’s worth sharing with all your friends. With that in mind, please indulge as we share the following quote from yesterday’s Seeking Alpha article on Coupa’s positioning in the spend management market. The article was written by Mark Gomes, founder of investment consultant firm Pipeline Data and Seeking Alpha contributor.



Spend Deep Dive: How Retail is Reassessing Spend

Companies buy stuff. Some companies buy more stuff than other companies. And just as various industries differ in overspending, some industries have unique buying patterns.


Let’s take a closer look at the how the retail industry buys stuff.



The Future of Expense Management – Christopher Dwyer on the Coupa Cabana

The Expense Management for a New Decade research study was one of several reports I’ve written in my tenure as an analyst at Aberdeen that deep-dove into the inner-workings of the travel and expense category of corporate spending. Although I’ve been treated to a close view of the market’s perception of this area of indirect spend over the past few years, the move into a new decade presented perhaps the clearest picture of the future of a function that has historically been perceived as no more than a back-office utility.



The Cloud at the Center of Procurement – Christopher Dwyer on the Coupa Cabana

There may be no greater time to be a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). Aberdeen Group’s 2011 CPO Summit, held this year on November 15 and 16 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, may be over five months away but already some major themes are gaining steam as Aberdeen’s research calendar continue on into the summer. One notion, the idea of innovation in the CPO’s veritable toolbox, promises to be a core component of this year’s purchasing-focused event.



Enterprise 2.0 – Get Everyone Involved!

Can you remember a time before smartphones gave us instant, on-the-go access to email, or going farther back, what the workplace was like before email existed? The way we work is changing every day and we’re excited to discuss some of the ways it’s evolving as part of the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 Conference on November 14-17, 2011 in Santa Clara, CA. Enterprise 2.0 offers a chance for business execs and IT leaders to stay up-to-date on the most innovative business technologies companies need to succeed.



Linking the Cloud to Spend Visibility – Christopher Dwyer on the Coupa Cabana

Indirect spend management has undergone a revolution in recent years. “Complex” categories of corporate spending, such as travel (and related expenses), contingent labor, and strategic meetings, equate to millions of dollars out the door for the modern organization. As the economy continues down the recovery path, it becomes crucial for companies to maintain the proper visibility into their corporate spending to not only account for their expenditures, but to also forecast, budget and plan for future developments and project critical to organizational growth.



Why Subway Serves up Coupa to Its Employees

Coupa recently announced some big news – it's largest multi-location cloud business application deployment to-date, across Subway’s 35,000 restaurants in 98 countries.


Carman Wenkoff, deputy CIO of Subway’s Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC), spoke to Computerworld last week about the ground-breaking deal and revealed something interesting to the technology publication:



Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Conference Investment

We all know how industry conferences can be: high registration fees, strangers in suits, not sure how to strike up a conversation, can’t get in front of keynote speakers to get your burning questions answered.



Christopher Dwyer on the Coupa Cabana

Here at the Coupa Cabana, we strive to provide industry professionals with the most salient and valuable information and insights on procurement and spend management issues to help them achieve the bottom results they seek.



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