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First Customer Goes Live with Coupa Expense Management

The Coupa Service Delivery team is delighted to announce it’s first go-live of Coupa Expense Management!


How Social Media is Impacting Procurement and Supply Chains: Interactive Intelligence (part 2 of 3)

Today’s post is the second in a three-part series by author, PI Window on Business host, and blogger, Jon Hansen. 


Staying Agile in Customer Support & Development

2-plus years ago, when Coupa’s first customers came on board, we needed some way to communicate with them on issues and questions.  I had experience how Oracle did it and wasn’t about to go down that route.  


Coupa Sam Schools SpendGuy

Teaches Companies there is a Better Way

Coupa today launched a new product comparison page to showcase our views of the differences between Coupa e-Procurement and Ariba Buyer.


How Social Media is Impacting Procurement and Supply Chains: Vendor Blogs (part 1 of 3)

Today’s post is the first in a three-part series by authorPI Window on Business host, and blogger, Jon Hansen. We will post parts two and three next week.


Coupa Software Announces Winter 2010 Release Webinar


One ground breaking solution to get 100% of your indirect spend under control.


Cost Cutting in the Cloud Best Practices #2: Crowd source savings

It’s naive to think a few individuals in the procurement department can single-handedly negotiate contracts that will always ensure the business gets the best price. With a few exceptions, business and information moves too fast for that to be realistic. The better strategy is to rely on the wisdom of the crowd to source the best deals and drive savings for the business.


Cost Cutting in the Cloud Best Practices #1: Benchmarking Against Real Data

This post is excerpted from the free Coupa ebook How to Cut Costs in the Cloud: 5 Spend Management Best Practices for 2010. Look out for more best practice tips next week, or download the full ebookhere, at no cost.


Why Less is More When it Comes to User Interface

Today’s post is by Coupa’s new UI expert, Casey.

This happens to me all the time…I’ll go into a new store with the intention of buying something and there are so many awesome items that I actually end up leaving without having bought anything.


Don’t let IE7 ruin your weekend

Last Friday, around quitting time, fellow Coupa developer Ted and I were pairing up on some tickets and decided to attack one last issue before calling it a night. The ticket we landed on was one I had banged my head against for a few hours and only found dead ends. Even worse, it was a total show-stopper.



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