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Graham Packages Coupa With ERP For eProcurement !

Graham Packaging™ is a worldwide leader in the design, sale, and manufacture of value-added, custom blow-molded plastic containers for branded consumer products.  Graham uses technology and innovation to deliver solutions that meet customers’ needs for new designs, product performance requirements, cost management and sustainability. Graham’s strong design capabilities have been especially important to customers, who generally use packaging to differentiate and add value to their brands.


Graham implemented Coupa as a strategic extension to their ERP and will be rolling out Coupa to its locations worldwide.  It is leveraging Coupa’s unique capabilities including:

  • Simple, user friendly interface for employees, managers and administrators
  • Ease of configuration – offloads IT burden
  • Support for distributed location

Key Implementation Metrics:

Hours required: 57.25

Coupa Launches First Insights From Cloud Spend Management Network

Data Release Sets Industry Standard in Bringing an Unmatched Level of Visibility Into Corporate Spending Trends and Establishes Benchmarks for Core Spending Processes

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Coupa Software, the leading provider of disruptive and innovative cloud spend management (CSM) solutions, today released the first insights from its Cloud Spend Management Network. This is the first of an ongoing series of Coupa data releases to highlight corporate spending trends, analysis and benchmarking across a number of categories based on anonymous data aggregated from the community of Coupa customers. The ultimate vision for the Cloud Spend Management Network is to become an index of corporate spending across all categories.


In the Cloud, Upgrades are Automatic


Coupa Software Launches Lesson 2 of Schooling SpendGuy Campaign to Raise Awareness for Cloud Spend Management Innovations

In a true David and Goliath tale of enterprise spend management software providers, upstart Coupa Software launched a marketing campaign in February to raise awareness for the business benefits of cloud-based e-procurement solutions, differentiate itself from the competition, and invite companies to take advantage of limited-time offers designed to help companies spend smarter and save more.


How To: Run Your Business in the Cloud

About a year ago, when the frenzy around “Cloud Computing” reached mainstream media, my colleague Noah Eisner (Founder, VP of Product) wrote a post on the many ways we here at Coupa are living in the Cloud on a daily basis. Fast forward a year and the topic is still just as relevant, we still operate nearly exclusively in the Cloud, and our entire infrastructure remains 99.9% Cloud-based.


Add to the above the 30+ blog posts I saw in recent weeks debating the best Cloud and SaaS apps available, and you’ve got my inspiration for this blog post. I figured it might be time to share the list of Cloud applications we use each day to get our jobs done. (No box software on-premise installations here!). My hope is that it might inspire other businesses to run their business in the Cloud.


How We’re Wired in the Cloud:

  1. Coupa Cloud Spend Mangement:  We (of course) use our own Cloud Spend Mangement platform in-house to manage our purchasing and expense reporting needs.  Coupa’s CSM platform features a single user interface, a single workflow model for approving purchases and reimbursable expenses, a consistent chart of accounts, and one set of budget entries against which to credit purchases and expenses.
  2. Amazon Web Services to host our website and develop our application on RoR.
  3. Google Apps for business productivity, email, wiki, calendar, etc.
  4. Evernote for collecting and managing notes and to-dos via mobile device.
  5. We manage our customer relationships with (This is a given. Salesforce is also one of our happy customers.)
  6. Pardot: Marketing automation and demand generation.
  7. DropBox for large cloud-based file sharing.
  8. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud.
  9. BeanStalk for Source Control: Beanstalk is used by software teams, developers, and web designers who don’t want the hassle of setting up and managing their own Subversion or Git server.
  10. Zendesk: Customer help desk & bug tracking. A customer favorite!
  11. New Relic (RPM): on-demand tool more than 3,000 companies use to monitor and troubleshoot Java and Ruby apps. 
  12. PBX (phone system) FirstVoice™ VPS-PBX is our hosted Voice over IP PBX virtual phone system solution for businesses that wish to enjoy the features and functionality of IP telephony without the costs for proprietary hardware, per-user licensing, IT personnel, and ongoing maintenance.
  13. PayCycle by Intuit: Provides Payroll to SMBs via its SaaS architecture.
  14. Hoptoad: Applications errors tracking which acts as an intermediary between your Rails application exceptions and your email inbox.

Now, this isn’t an exhaustive list, we have more Cloud-based apps in our daily Coupa lives, but these are the biggies. Our local software is few and far between but there are some copies of Omnigraffle and Photoshop laying around, as well as Quickbooks.   (Quickbooks Online was not up to snuff for our needs, but we’ll move over as soon as it is Mac-ready and online bill pay-enabled.)


I hope this is helpful. Let us know what you and your company use in SaaS/Cloud apps by leaving a comment. We want to know what the favorites are.

Cal Academy Inspires with Sustainability Programs and Green Procurement

We are proud to work with some of the most innovative organizations around the globe. One our customers that never fails to push the envelope is California Academy of the Arts. Today, Aaron Pope, Manager of Sustainability Programs at California Academy of Sciences talks to me about the organization’s latest sustainability programs and operations.


InsideTrack Goes Live with Coupa and Integrates with Quickbooks

InsideTrack is the nation’s premier provider of student coaching services went live with Coupa today. InsideTrack partners with more than 50 campuses nationally, but they suffered from a lack of a centralized procurement system, leaving gaps in the executive team’s visibility into the organization’s spend.


Coupa Software Reports Fifth Consecutive Quarter of Record Results

Customers Adopt New Cloud Spend Management Platform in Droves


SAN MATEO, Calif - April 7, 2010 - Coupa Software, maker of disruptive e-procurement and smarter expense management software for helping companies control their spending, today announced its fifth consecutive quarter of net new bookings growth and overall record results, despite softness in the overall economy.


New bookings for the quarter ended March 31st were 281% of the new bookings for the same period last year. Spend through the Coupa e-procurement platform accelerated throughout the quarter; with more than 1.5 million transactions exceeding hundreds of millions in spend.


Subscription renewal rate for the quarter was 100%, with many customers adding new seats and expanding their usage of the system.


Leverage Clouds and Best of Breed Solutions to Improve Innovation

During my periodic discussions with different industry stalwarts, cloud computing often comes up. Normally these discussions focus on comparing the benefits of the Cloud to traditional ways of hosting your enterprise data. If you’ve read previous blog posts I’ve written on this subject, you know that I believe the Cloud brings several major benefits to the table, including:


Stion Corporation Goes Live with Coupa in Under Three Weeks

Stion Corp,  a solar photovoltaics company just went live with Coupa procure-to-pay software. A company spokesperson commented on how quick and painless the Coupa implementation was: “I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job of implenting the e-procurement system at our company.”


It’s Amazing What a Simple Thank You Can Do

Coupa Expense Management’s Frugal Meter Adds That Little Something Extra to Encourage a Cost-Conscious Corporate Culture. Coupa's patent-pending Frugal Meter recognizes when employees are being frugal, and when they're not!


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