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December 14th, 2009
 | Making Cents

The Container Store’s Spend Management Secrets Revealed: Webinar Recap

Last week’s ISM webinar Containing Costs: A Lesson in Smarter Spending featuring The Container Store was such a hit, we could hardly keep a lid on it. (Note: Forgive the bad pun—the allure for word play here is simply too tempting.)



Scott Jones and Mike Morrow got very specific in describing how they used e-procurement to gain control over the centralized ordering and inventory processes for managing non-merchandise supplies for each of The Container Store’s 47 locations.


You can get the full details on how The Container Store found new ways to save by dowloading the entire webinar, below. Yes, it’s free. And yes, you can fast forward through parts that don’t apply to your use case. But I highly recommend watching the webinar to see if their cost-cutting lessons may work for your company. For the record, here are some highlights of their impressive results. 


-Eliminated 36 hours a week of manual rekeying

-Cut the number of weekly purchase orders in half

-Reduced the number of SKUs held in inventory by 62%


Nearly 1,200 people registered for this webinar, and the attendees were full of questions for Mike, Scott, and our very own Marketing Guru here at Coupa Sotfware, Jason Hekl.

Even if you slept on making it to the Container Store live event, you can still make it to Wednesday’s Supply & Demand Chain Executive webinar Urgent Purchasing with Reebok: How One Procurment Professional Took Matters into his Own Hands to Get Spend Under Control. It begins at 11AM PT, 2PM ET, and is a free, streaming event. In this one, Reebok-CMM’s Purchasing Director will speak to how a merger financial audit spurred him to act on quickly implementing a spend management process.


Download the Containing Costs with the Container Store Presentation here:

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