Coupa Services



Each Coupa relationship starts with how the customer will define the success of their project. Account executives work with prospective customers to define what success will look like before contracts are even signed with Coupa. Project success criteria are revisited during the implementation. This focus on project success criteria may seem like extra work to some, but it lays critical groundwork for the customer relationship for years to come.


Professional Services

We know that you not only need the best Cloud Spend Optimization platform available – but you need it now. We are not measured by billable hours, but rather the success of our customers and the value that the Coupa platform provides.



Review progress against your goals and best practices for maximizing savings with Coupa. Make updates to business goals and tweak implementation as needed for course correction.



Smooth out bumps in the road to your project success, as well as adjusting plans and configurations as priorities change and new opportunities emerge.


Training and Education

Customers get access to a wealth of knowledge and best practices on how to maximize savings with Coupa.