Supplier Enablement Philosophy


When it comes to your suppliers, you can't force them to change the way they do business. The transition to Coupa should be as smooth for them as it is for you. So if you’re already working with them electronically we’ll use the same method and format that you’re already using. And we never charge them a fee to be part of the Coupa Supplier Network like some other systems do. In fact, the transition to Coupa should be so smooth for them, that they might not even notice that anything has changed.


Coupa supports integrations with suppliers for both Invoicing and Purchase Order Transmission outside of the Coupa Supplier Network.  We follow the cXML standards that are found from the cXML.org website.  This allows us to work with all different suppliers in a cost efficient and expedient manner, allowing for immediate business success for both our customers and their suppliers. Here’s how we do it:


Punch Out

Coupa is fully compliant with Punch Out the electronic business XML standard which allows your users to shop at a supplier's website, pick certain items from their catalog and then return to Coupa with those items in their Coupa cart. The biggest benefit is that your users get access to the supplier's content and up-to-date pricing and you don't have to maintain it.


Purchase Orders

Coupa supports email transmission of Purchase Orders and electronic cXML ordering from suppliers.  Coupa also supports suppliers logging into the Coupa Supplier Network to receive orders from their customers.  By using this service at no charge, suppliers can review and acknowledge orders from all of their Coupa customers in a single location!



Suppliers with cXML invoicing capability can send invoices directly to Coupa customers.  In addition, suppliers who are registered with CSN to view their purchase orders can also create invoices and submit them directly into your system saving you time entering them in manually. 


Coupa Supplier Network

The Coupa Supplier Network or (CSN) is a way for Coupa customers to manage suppliers and transactions on the Coupa Platform.  And it's aboslutely free. For more information about CSN from a supplier’s perspective, please visit our forum posts.


Coupa Group Purchasing

From day one with Coupa, our customers can start saving with pre-negotiated discounts and pre-configured catalogs. Coupa Group Purchasing leverages our customers' collective buying power for instant savings, with no minimum orders, exclusive contracts or supplier fees.