Get productive in no time at all


We know that you not only need the best Cloud Spend Optimization platform available – but you need it now. Our implementation packages are designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. You can choose the level of support that’s best for your company.


Implementation Packages




After over 250 successful implementations, we’ve got it down to a science - starting with your project kick-off all the way to Customer Success. Your unique business needs are our main focus. We’ve designed a full platform that requires no heavy lifting from your IT team, and distilled our approach into a four-step methodology to get your Coupa Cloud Service up and running fast.



Within 24 hours of your subscription starting, you’ll hear from your Coupa Implementation Manager, and get access to your Coupa Sandbox environment. We’ll then have a joint project kickoff with your project team to get everyone in sync. 



Immediately after Discovery, we’ll delve into your business processes, advise you on best practices, and map out the Coupa configuration so you can communicate clearly and effectively with everyone who will be using the system.



After your solution is designed, your Coupa team works side-by-side with you to configure the Coupa Cloud Spend Optimization system to meet those needs.  Throughout this process, your staff will be working directly in the Coupa application and be learning along the way.


The Coupa team will also be working with you to integrate your third party systems using our robust API platform. From invoices and payments to purchase orders and expense reports, we integrate fully to support your business goals.



When you’re configured, trained and ready to go, we’ll be right there with you through Go Live, supporting you in a HyperCare period.


After Go Live you’ll transition to Coupa Customer Success, where you’ll have full access to our Success Programs, including Monthly Best Practice webinars, Customer Roundtables, New Release Webinars, weekly office, hours and training sites and knowledge bases to ensure you’re completely successful.


Our Philosophies

You can’t do everything at once. We know how fast your business needs to move but we’ve seen what makes for the most success. That’s why we recommend you roll out the platform in a phased approach. That way our team and yours can tailor everything to your company’s needs rather than making everyone conform to a pre-assigned setting.


Deliver value quickly – We implement quickly and deliver results, so you can realize the return on your investment as quickly as possible.


We’re not a professional services company – Unlike a lot of other software companies, Coupa’s Service Delivery team isn’t measured on revenue, we measure ourselves on the total number of successful implementations completed.


You need an expert in Cloud Spend Management – And you’ve got it with Coupa. Because of our architecture and the fact that everyone in the company focuses on one product, Coupa has best practices down. Our team of industry experts and practitioners are available to guide you through all of the business decisions you need to implement successfully and quickly.


We stand behind our value – Lots of consulting companies hedge their consulting services with a T&M bid because their solution is hard to implement.  We’re so confident in our ability to perform that we fix our fee, so there are never any surprises down the road.