Professional Services

Every Coupa relationship starts with defining how the customer will measure the success of their project. Account executives work with prospective customers to define what success will look like before contracts are even signed with Coupa. After the contract is signed, Coupa does not simply request the customer’s business quirements and start implementing. Coupa’s implementation managers begin by working with the customer to confirm their project success criteria. This way both the customer and the Coupa team share a common understanding of the project’s goals and any distraction from those goals or unnecessary complexities can be pushed aside. This focus on project success criteria may seem like extra work to some, but it lays critical groundwork for the customer relationship for years to come.



Implementation Services

We know that you not only need the best Cloud Spend Optimization platform available – but you need it now. Our implementation services get you up and running as quickly as possible.



Success in financial applications depends on integration with the ERP system that drives company financials, as well as outside parties such as corporate card providers. See Integration Services Datasheet.


Supplier Enablement

Adoption by suppliers is critical to getting results from financial applications. From receiving POs to submitting Invoices, electronic transacting and efficiency depend on supplier adoption. See Supplier Enablement Datasheet.


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