Services Overview

Not support, success.

Getting going with Coupa isn’t just about support. Of course we provide total customer support, but what we’re focused on is your success. Support doesn’t make you successful – using the platform as well as you possibly can is what will make you successful. We're focused on making you completely successful. And to do that we’ve got some success plans that go far beyond the competition – take a look and see what we mean.



Note: Supplier enablement does not include EDI integration.


Silver Success Plan

All customers get a sense of security where they can turn to a live Customer Success agent to help them with questions on their usage of Coupa.  The Silver Plan is included with all subscriptions of Coupa. This is a great plan for customers that need standard guidance and support as they are using the Coupa Service. For those customers that need faster response, 24x7 support coverage, additional training assistance, and some additional administration resources, please see the Gold Success Plan.

Gold Success Plan

Customers that require coverage at all hours turn to the Gold Success Plan. This plan includes the Bi-Annual account success reviews where Coupa will sit down with you and review your usage of Coupa over the past 6 months.  We will review your usage of the different features of Coupa, evaluate your progress against your goals, and talk to you about the product roadmap.  For Customers that require additional included hours of services please consider the Platinum Success Plan.


Platinum Success Plan

The Platinum Success plan are for the those customers with complex business processes who require more than traditional assistance from their Success Agent.  Coupa offers rapid response times and professional assistance with additional configurations and supplier enablements. The quarterly account success reviews and additional hours of support highlight the value of this plan to any organization.


Severity Levels 

We have prioritized the severity levels of issues that customers may experience using Coupa.  When contacting the success team, please make sure to indicate your issue level.


Severity Level 1: Severe error that results in the Service being completely unavailable and halting transactions with no workaround.

Severity Level 2: Serious error that results in a major function of the Service suffering a reproducible problem causing either major inconvenience to users or consistent failure in common functionality.

Severity Level 3: Error that results in common functionality experiencing an intermittent problem or a consistent failure in less common functionality.

Severity Level 4: Service Requests such as sandbox refreshes, SSO setups, etc..