Your Global Expense Compliance Solution

Operating a global business has significant complexities. Expense management doesn’t need to be one of them. Coupa offers a single expense system that delivers the localized, country-specific compliance you need.


An Expense Solution That Supports Your Global Operations

Consistent solution - With Coupa, you only need to support a single global expense process. You have one platform that works everywhere.

Country-specific compliance - Simplify global expense compliance with country-by-country requirements such as European per diem rates.

VAT capabilities - Streamline VAT reclamation with automatic tracking as part of the expense management process.

Local experience - From languages and currencies to measurement systems, Coupa expense management automatically adapts to the needs of local users.

True global visibility - A single expense management system ensures your organization has a complete view into global spend for greater control.

Adapt for local needs - Administrators have the flexibility to add reportable fields as needed to address local regulations or office policies.


Features at a Glance

Global Per-Diem Support

Easily manage country and destination specific per-diem rates.

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Track VAT paid on business expenses for reclamation.

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Localization - miles/km, language, currency

Appropriate languages, currencies, and units of measure for your travelers.

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Versatility to handle global requirements

Easily add fields as needed to manage country or business process requirements.

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Coupa Named A Leader

In this report Paystream evaluates 11 leading expense providers on multiple categories including international expense management.

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