New in Coupa 9

Over 40 enhancements platform-wide

Coupa 8 was pretty great, but that's so last quarter! We’re on to Coupa 9 and it’s divine, with more than 40 enhancements platform-wide to help you in your quest to capture every transaction and bring even more spend under management. Major enhancements include cool new features for AP and invoicing, an even better, faster shopping experience for employees, and rapid expense report creation with enforced policies.


That’s the big news, and we’ve got minor tweaks and major improvements across the entire application suite. Our cloud application development process includes active participation from the Coupa Community and your feedback helps guide what we build. So, you asked for it, you’ve got it! Here’s the birds-eye view of all that’s new:


New in Invoicing: More efficiency for AP

  • New invoicing dashboards. Prioritize your workload, drive on-time payment and maximize your savings. Real-time, filterable dashboards highlight opportunities to save as your invoices progress through the system
  • Email invoicing. Coupa saves you more time than ever with email invoicing. Suppliers can now email their invoices directly to your Coupa inbox. You no longer have to download invoices from your email, open the attachment and re-upload to Coupa. Information like supplier, number of pages, invoice date, and due date are shown and filterable so that AP can decided which one is most important to work on.
  • Split-screen invoice entry. Keying is believing! Split-screen enables virtually mouse-free data entry to help you get through piles of invoices lickety split.
  • Commodity-level tolerances. You have global tolerances, but let’s say you buy things with very different units of measurement, such as PVC pipe and chemicals. Now you can set invoice and receiving tolerances on the commodity level, where they’ll override global settings.
 invoice-management-software-savings-opportunitiesInvoice savings opportunities are called out in the home dashboard.    invoice-management-system-fast-entry Split screen fast entry lets you process piles of invoices fast.


Learn more about how you can streamline your AP organization and help you save money with our invoice management software.


New in Coupa Procurement: Faster shopping, plus stand-alone Catalog Management

  • Multi-supplier order lists. Easily create prepopulated order lists for your employees to order from. You can include items from multiple suppliers on a single list, and with a click of the send button your orders will go out to all of them.
  • Order scheduling. Got suppliers that accept orders only on certain days or times? Make orders on your schedule, and send them on theirs. Should you need to intervene with a scheduled order (we know that happens) you can let Coupa know it was placed manually, and all the information from the order will still be captured in the system.
  • Purchasing questionnaires. Now you can prompt people to give you all the information you need to place any order, such as sizes or colors. The information you collect on your purchasing questionnaire follows the order all the way through the system.
  • New approval chain options. Now you can allow watchers in approval chains, and we’ve added a nifty approval chain visualization graphic that makes who’s approving and why perfectly transparent

Coupa Catalogs strikes out on Its own

People love shopping in Coupa. Now the Coupa advantage is available to you even if you have to rely on your legacy ERP for procurement. You’ll be able to capture more spend in your current ERP environment, with little IT involvement or changes to your legacy systems.


By punching out to Coupa, you get all the same buyer and supplier catalog management tools that make driving compliance to negotiated contracts so easy for Coupa Procurement customers: intuitive search capabilities, multi-supplier order lists, in-context purchasing policies, easy to create webforms and more.


Plus, you can bundle Coupa Catalogs with the Coupa Supplier Network to eliminate costly network fees. You’ll instantly improve your relationship with your suppliers—and your savings--when they learn that the Coupa Supplier Network is 100% free, and so are any and all transactions with you through Coupa.

 catalog-management-item-detailCoupa Catalogs has familiar, e-commerce-like shopping interface that makes getting what you want fast and easy.    catalog-management-system-dashboard See what's new in your catalogs at a glance, including items that have gone down, or up, in price.


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New in Coupa Expenses: Rapid expense creation with enforced policies

  • Multi-day expenses. Coupa Expenses now automatically divides items like hotel, car and meal expenses by day, and tracks them against your company policy. With the Frugal Meter, everyone can see and manage policy limits and per unit costs.
  • Expense line itemization. For expenses like hotel bills, which often include other charges such as internet, phone or meals, you can tell the system what expenses you need itemized. The average daily cost is calculated along with the rest of your expenses. Employees will be prompted to itemize when filling out the forms, and their split amounts will be calculated for them automatically.
  • Auto-classification expense engine. Coupa’s here to help you improve accuracy. It automatically defaults the correct category based upon your receipt. A receipt for “Delta Airlines” will automatically default to "airfare."
 travel-expense-management-receiptGetting receipts into Coupa is literally a snap with our mobile expense reporting app for iphone.    travel-expense-management-multi-day Split screen fast entry lets you process piles of invoices fast.



New Coupa Home Page

Yes, the Coupa experience has gotten even better. Here’s how:

  • Catalog change summary dashboard. See at a glance you what’s new in your catalogs, including up and down price movement so you can capture more savings.
  • More item details. Now you can add multiple pictures, links, and rich text to items in your catalog so your employees get as much information about the product at the time of ordering.
  • Beautiful search results. Easy-to-read search results in two columns makes it easy for employees to shop and find what they need.