Budgeting Application

Know your numbers, before you order

Too often, budget owners have to wait for weekly or monthly reports to see how much money they have left. Now there’s a better way to avoid overspending!


Coupa’s procurement software includes a budgeting application that shows you all transactions that impact your budget right in your dashboard. Drill down to get an up-to-date list of all transactions that impacted your budget.


Keep budget owners in the loop

Coupa’s budget owner approval functionality ensures that budget owners are brought into the approval process for line items that are charged against their budget. Both requesters and approvers can see the budget impact of purchases at checkout and during approval.


Prevent overspending with real-time alerts

Define rules to alert you when total spend exceeds a certain amount, or when a percentage of a specific budget is consumed. When the alarm sounds, use your budget reports and dashboards to see where you can make adjustments to stay on track. 


Auto-adjust to downstream events

You’ve started with the order, but now you’ve had price changes, additions, delays and more. Later the invoice comes in with its details. All the events, including closing the purchase order, get validated against the budget to do automatic adjustments. Your budget remaining always reflects actual spending, not some estimate.


Budget rollup reports

With Coupa, budget reports roll up in the hierarchy you define, and can be drilled into for the full detail of every purchase or transaction credited to each and every budget. That means a full audit trail of who submitted the requisition, who approved it, and when the order was placed – all accessed from the budgets you are managing.