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Scaling Financial Processes for Rapid Growth

High growth is good. Expanding, hiring, investing – they’re all positive. But growth can also overload manual systems, choke processes and sap productivity.

High growth requires efficiency, agility and visibility. High growth requires Coupa. With Coupa, you can automate manual systems, optimize cash flow, reduce process times, and increase productivity. With Coupa, you can grow. Painlessly.

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The Ingredients to Scale

Coupa has the Right Formula to Accelerate Growth

Grow Without Growing

Handle more transactions without hiring more people. Cellerant Therapeutics doubled transactions without adding headcount. “It’s a huge business impact.”

Go Faster

A need for speed. Coupa gets it. Cycle times in hours not days; real-time visibility for real-time decisions. Plus, we’ll get you live faster than you thought possible.

Mobile, Not Manual

Paper-based manual processes don’t scale. With Coupa, your mobile work-force can request, approve and expense as easily as checking email.

Start Your Engine

Find out how Coupa can meet the demands of a high-growth organization.

”We’ve opened, on average, 20 stores per year. And Coupa has allowed us to support our stores with less people in the back office than we had three years ago”– The Fresh Market

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”Since going live we’ve had two additional roll-outs, adding more countries, trained new users and added a whole bunch of suppliers. Those additions were seamless.”– Concentrix

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AP Automation for Growing Companies

Coupa's industry-leading, cloud-based spend management solutions help businesses transform their AP invoicing processes to realize significant savings that directly impact the bottom line while improving governance and compliance.

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Metrics that Matter

Reduction in req-to-pay time

Time Flies

And time costs. A global manufacturer slashed their req‐to‐pay cycle from 81 days to 13. That's a lot of time.

Transaction growth

Massive Productivity

A life sciences customer handled a four to five times growth in transaction volume with no growth in staff.

P2P Automation for SMEs

New opportunities with cloud-based SaaS solutions


Should Mid-Market organizations invest in eProcurment systems?

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Software that Accelerates Growth

Learn more about Coupa’s solutions for high growth organizations.

AP Automation

Speed up your internal processes and get control over your cash flow.


For Your Business Need
Cloud Platform

Not all clouds are created the same. Coupa’s is built for scale and flexibility.


For Your Business Need
Coupa for SMEs

Discover how companies like yourself have used Coupa to enable their growth.