Coupa Contracts

It’s time to buy. Do you know where your contracts are?

Purchasing contracts are one of your most important tools for cost-effectively conducting business with your suppliers. Coupa’s contract management software complements our procurement software to make sure you capture the savings you negotiated for.


If your organization is like most, purchasing contracts are your Achilles’ heel, and it has nothing to do with terms or pricing. Usually, the biggest problem in contract management is finding the contracts.


Meet Coupa Contracts. Problem solved. Our automated contract management system helps you:

  • Keep purchasing contracts secure and easily accessible
  • Maximize your savings with proactive contract management
  • Enforce contracts at time of purchase so you get the discounts you negotiated
  • Gain visibility into purchase orders, spend and total savings over a contract's lifetime
  • Improve contract negotiation with suppliers


Instant access to all purchasing contracts for better decision-making

Coupa’s Contracts Repository stores your purchasing contracts so everyone can find them easily. It’s like Dropbox for all of your contracts, with secure access so people will only see what they’re supposed to see.


Our contract management software stores the related SOWs along with the contracts, and tracks your minimum and maximum commitments. Your employees and your legal team don’t need to learn new contract authoring tools or deal with multiple systems.


It’s easy to set up tiered pricing, set alerts for critical commitment milestones and configure reports, all without calling IT. You’ll never forget an important contract management task again - whether you’ve got hundreds, or even thousands of different suppliers.


Once you’ve set the contract up, negotiated prices are automatically enforced at the time of requisition. Coupa contract management software automatically tracks your invoiced spend and your savings through seamless communication with your procurement system.