Coupa Expenses

Surprises are great for birthdays, not expenses

Coupa Expenses has you covered for Expense Reporting, Budgets and Auditing. We make it fast and easy for employees to track expenses and file reports, and for you to review and approve them. Together with our procurement software, Coupa expense management software can help you get control over indirect spend and dramatically increase spend under management.





Coupa expense management software is a dynamic, intuitive system designed to make expense management amazingly easy and ensure that you never get caught off guard by unanticipated expenses again. Now you can see where your quarterly expenses are heading long before they ever become a problem.


Coupa Expense Management guides your employees through the expense process in minutes, displaying automatic alerts when receipts or additional information are required. Electronically stored receipts mean no more lost receipts or forgotten expenses, and Google maps integration ends ‘guesstimate’ mileage. Your mobile workforce will love our mobile expense reporting app. Automated approval processes have got your back - ensuring that all expenses receive the proper managerial review before they get reimbursed.


Our expense management software includes a ton of features that tame the expense beast, such as:

  • Intelligent Expense Report Audit. Analyzes each line item and automatically scores every report, to help you make expense fraud and overspending a thing of the past.
  • Patent-pending Frugal Meter.  Shows savers a ‘Thanks for being frugal!’ message and gives over-spenders a gentle nudge to let them know they’re over spending.
  • Drill-down dashboard reports. Quickly and easily understand where your spending is heading.
  • Benchmarking. Track your expense management performance metrics against other customers using Coupa’s expense management software.
  • Multi-day expenses. Coupa Expenses now automatically divides items like hotel, car and meals expenses by day, so you can track against company policy. You can set it up to work with the Frugal Meter so everyone can see and manage policy limits and per unit costs.
  • Expense line itemization. For expenses like hotel bills, which often include other charges such as internet, phone or meals, you can tell the system what expenses you need itemized. The average daily cost is calculated along with the rest of your expenses. Employees will be prompted to itemize when filling out the forms, and their split amounts will be calculated for them automatically.
  • Auto-classification expense engine. Coupa’s here to help you improve accuracy. It automatically defaults the correct category based upon your receipt. A receipt for “Delta” will automatically default to "airfare."

Coupa-simple expense report approval

The review and approval process is simpler for managers too. You don’t even need to log into Coupa to see if something is waiting for your attention. Everything can be done through email or with Coupa’s iPhone application. With push notifications, you’ll get a pop-up notification the instant a purchase requisition or expense report needs your attention, and just as with procurement approvals, you can take action right from your inbox or from the mobile expense reporting app.