Coupa Expenses

Enjoyable Expense Management for All

From your employees on the road to your accounting team at corporate, and all the approvers in between, Coupa Expenses is a breath of fresh air. Coupa's unrelenting focus on ease-of-use for all users translates into expense management software that simplifies entry, streamlines review, eliminates paper pushing, and reduces administrative effort.

Delight Your Users

Coupa's 'user-first' design makes it easy to submit expense reports. Even fun (well, almost).

Free Your Back Office

Get seriously efficient with paper-free processing and intelligent exception-based review.

Create Compliance

Use lots of carrots (and a stick or two) to gently steer employees toward responsible spending.

Control Spend Now

To control spend now you have to see spend now. With Coupa you will. It's that simple.

Innovations abound - including voice recognition, voice & photo support to speed input, Audit Scores and a Frugal Meter to incent responsible spending, and location-aware vendor selection to standardize entry. It all adds up to expense management software that takes the pain out of expense management–for everyone. And when the pain is gone, all you're left with are savings.

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A Part of the Coupa Suite

As part of the fully integrated Coupa suite of Financial Applications, Coupa Expenses gives managers complete visibility and control across all means of spend. Employees and approvers get the same ease-of-use and familiar workflows for Expenses that they do for Procurement and Invoicing. By analyzing Expenses with other spend data, you can easily identify savings opportunities — perhaps via Sourcing or just maintaining stock. And with dead simple administration, you can turn these insights into policies to shift more spend from post-approved to pre-approved. Click on any product below to learn more.

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