Expense Report Audit

A powerful, efficient approach to compliance

You know auditing every expense report isn't practical or cost-effective, but there's still that nagging feeling that cash is leaking out. Our expense management software includes powerful expense report audit functionality that removes the need for an “all or nothing” approach to expense report verification. Now accounting can be more strategic about cost control because they can see where they should focus their efforts.


Coupa automatically scores every expense report and employee, so it’s easy to identify suspicious patterns that warrant further attention.


Expense reports are assigned an intelligent audit score based on details of the current report and the employee’s historical patterns. The higher the score, the higher the risk of non-compliance with the company’s expense management guidelines. Audit scores are based on things like:

  • Missing receipts
  • Expenses over category maximums
  • Expense similarity in recent reports
  • Audit score history

Reports can be sorted by score and those below the threshold can be set to bypass the expense report audit process entirely. High-scoring expense reports are routed for accounting review automatically, and appear as ‘To Do’ items when managers log into the system. Auditors can easily review each expense line, including supporting documentation, for quick disposition. If fraudulent or non-compliant behavior is suspected, the employee’s full history of expense reports is just a click away.