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Your employees want to be responsible spenders.Coupa Expenses helps them stay in line by highlighting non-frugal expenditures and policy violations. And since the mobile app makes it simple to enter expenses 'as they go', they get these reminders while there's still time to change behavior. For the back office, electronic capture and archiving of receipts takes the pain out of audit preparation.

To create compliance, Coupa enables you to:

  • Embed Policies - employees will be shown the relevant policy when it applies.

  • Use Positive Reinforcement - encourage responsible spending with thanks and 'kudos' - automatically.

  • Suggest Improvements - display in-process messages for non-frugal or non-compliant behavior

  • Eliminate 'Guesstimates' - smart defaults and a Google mileage calculator ensure accuracy

  • Stay Audit-ready - electronic archiving is efficient, effective and saves the cost of off-site paper storage

Coupa Expenses at a Glance

Guide reviewers on where to focus their efforts to more meaningful reviews.

Each report gets an audit score and a color code of red, yellow and green.

Specific line items are flagged for extra attention.

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