Coupa For Healthcare

“We chose the Coupa platform specifically over Ariba and others like Ariba due to the supplier pay model ….. Our company needed a solution that was all-inclusive and would incentivize the company to use it as much as possible without the supplier or ourselves incurring any additional fees.”

– Hyrum Kurton, Vice President, Procurement, Avalon Healthcare

Where does it hurt?

The cost of medical care is a highly visible problem. And it’s only getting trickier, as new regulations affect reimbursement models and the aging baby boomer demographic demands more care.


You can’t increase reimbursements, but you can control costs. After labor, one of the largest contributors to the cost of healthcare is medical supplies – particularly in hospitals. 


Healthcare purchasing processes are difficult to optimize:

  • Purchasing systems are difficult to use, so physicians and others often bypass them.
  • Data sources for medical supplies are diverse and inconsistent, so it’s hard to rationalize and streamline purchasing processes.
  • Procurement staff lack visibility into what’s happening, making it difficult to trim spending.


Coupa for Healthcare

Coupa is your prescription for healthier spend management. Coupa replaces complicated and difficult-to-use processes with: 

  • Complete payment management: From sourcing to payment, Coupa’s suite of cloud applications gives you complete control.  
  • Consumer experience: Coupa mirrors the consumer online shopping experience and requires little training.  The more people use it, the more you can save.
  • Cloud-based efficiency and agility: Reduce CapEx, improve agility and give people easy access, with high levels of availability and security.



With Coupa, we were able to seamlessly and fully integrate the new solution into existing systems. Also, with the rapid growth we are experiencing, we have processes and systems now that can scale with our business.”Bryce Berg, Vice President, Procure To Pay, Molina Healthcare


Cut the complexity

Using Coupa, even busy physicians can order the supplies they need, under contract, without any special training.  Coupa’s extreme usability extends throughout the purchase cycle:

  • Streamline order processing:  Process orders quickly all the way from request to supplier receipt and delivery confirmation.  
  • Simplify repetitive orders:  Use order lists In Coupa to group multi-supplier purchases, such as repetitive orders for crash carts, departmental stores and other inventory within facilities.
  • Reduce special handling:  Reduce the number of requisitions that need special handling from procurement.


Diagnose problems quickly

Coupa gives you the insight you’ve been lacking to get control over spending.

  • Get real-time insight: Get up-to-the-minute insight on spending on and off contract, by location, category and supplier.
  • Track purchase status: End users can see what’s happening with their order.  
  • Track budgets: Our budgeting application lets you track spending to budget in real time and show people the impact of their decisions on the spot.


Clean up the data

Coupa helps you handle the lack of data standards in healthcare.

  • Use custom fields in Coupa to create the information you need in your purchasing system.
  • Coupa’s healthcare specialists will then set up and run the data management process for you, so you can get the benefits of streamlined purchasing.


Cut your costs

The big payoff comes in paying less for medical supplies, as well as other supplies and services.

  • Cut spending on supplies and services:  Coupa's sourcing solution lets you invite multiple suppliers to bid for your business. Use spending visibility to negotiate favorable contracts.
  • Get spend under management:  Cut back or eliminate ‘rogue’ spending that goes around your preferred providers and contracts by giving people and easier alternative.
  • Find opportunities for savings: Track spending across your organization and identify opportunities for increasing efficiencies or cutting costs.


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