Coupa Invoicing

See the top of your desk again!

Stop wasting precious time hunting down invoices and approvals. Just say no to error-prone manual processes. Free yourself from the burden of paper invoices. Streamline your operation and increase capture of early payment discounts with Coupa Invoicing.



Coupa's invoice management software integrates seamlessly with our procurement software to help you speed and simplify invoice processing with a solution that delights users (our ease of use is legendary), earns praise from IT (cloud-based and integration-friendly makes deployment a breeze), and puts smiles on executives’ faces (they love when the savings come quick and grow fast). 


Prioritize your workload, drive on-time payment and maximize your savings. Real-time, filterable dashboards highlight opportunities to save as your invoices progress through the system:


 invoice-management-software-savings-opportunitiesSee all of your savings opportunities quantified at a glance.    


Keying is believing: Fast, flexible invoice receiving

With our supplier self-service portal, you can capture most invoices electronically. Better yet, have suppliers email their invoices directly to your Coupa inbox, and you no longer have to download  from your email, open the attachment and re-upload to Coupa. Information like supplier, number of pages, invoice date, and due date are shown and filterable so that AP can decide which one is most important to work on. 


Our invoice management software is format-agnostic, handling cXML, EDI , CSV and open API with equal ease. Suppliers unable to support cXML integration can still submit paperless invoices through the Coupa Supplier Network, at no cost.


Got non-P.O. or non-contract-backed invoices? Not a problem, at least from an invoice management standpoint. Coupa Invoicing can handle those too.


Our invoice managment software also integrates with most popular scanning solutions, so you can scan and store paper invoices in the system instead of on your desk. When manual data entry is required, split-screen entry capabilities help you get through piles of invoices lickety split:



 invoice-management-system-fast-entrySplit-screen data entry lets you plow through piles of invoices fast.    


More control over invoice matching, tolerance and approval rules

Your rules set the workflow in motion. With Coupa, every rule from management hierarchy to self-approval to condition-based scenarios can be configured by business users, without help from IT.


When it comes to invoice matching and tolerance rules, our invoice managment software gives you maximum flexibility and control.. You can set up and enforce 2-way and 3-way matching to make sure the right people get paid the right amount.


Let’s say you by things with very different units of measurement, such as PVC pipe and chemicals. Coupa lets you set invoice and receiving tolerances at the global level and also on the commodity level, where they’ll override your global settings.


Once your rules are in place, as soon as the invoice is submitted, Coupa determines if it can be immediately approved or put on hold and routes it appropriately. 


On hold notifications are dispatched to appropriate people to review. 


Coupa simplifies approval tasks as well. As with our procurement software, approvers do not have to log into Coupa, they can simply approve or reject invoices directly from their email inbox. You can also remind the approver to take action by resending an email for any invoice that is pending approval.


Manage payments at a glance

Save yourself and your suppliers the time and headaches of searching for the invoice status. Simply check the payment details on your invoice and see the amount paid, check or reference #, and payment date. And for invoices with multiple payments, you can quickly get a history of payments against the invoice.


Raise your game with invoice management benchmarking 

How does your organization stack up against others? Make sure it's first-class operation with advanced reporting and benchmarks.

  • Effective visibility through scheduled reports and notifications
  • Workflow and status visuals illustrating where an invoice is in approval chain
  • Benchmarked your invoicing metrics against those of the Coupa community

So take a deep breath. And let Coupa's invoice management software help.