Coupa Procurement

e-Commerce shopping ease with bottleneck-busting functionality

Coupa’s cloud procurement software application is a powerful procure-to-pay system that brings consumer e-commerce shopping ease and bottleneck-busting functionality to the procurement workflow. Our procurement software can handle transactions in multiple currencies and languages so you can run a global operation using Coupa.



Approvals at the speed of business

Speed up your approval process with two-click e-mail approval. Instead of waiting for one person to take action on a request and pass it on, you can send approval notifications to a group of people. Everyone in your approval chain can check the status of requisitions and approve or reject from their inbox, on any mobile device, wherever they are.  Once action is taken by any of the group members, the request will automatically move to the next step in the process.


Configure complex rules with ease

Approval management is at the heart of your procurement system. Your approval rules might be complex, but the last thing you want is to make implementing them a technical project. 


With our procurement software, even complex multi-level, delegated, or condition-based approval rules can be configured by business users, without help from IT. Rules can be set up to change automatically as your business changes. For example, by integrating Coupa with your HR system, approval chains can be automatically updated as people move in and out of roles.


Help employees comply while they buy

Most companies have well-documented purchasing policies, and most employees would like to comply, if they knew what the policies were, or at least where to find them.


Coupa puts the relevant approval rules right at employees’ fingertips, just when they need them most—when they’re shopping and requisitioning. For example, let’s say an employee is searching the system for ‘approved cell phones’. The corporate cell phone policy will appear in the search results. 


Shop, Share and Spend Smarter

How often do employees buy off-contract and outside the system, just because they can’t find what they need? It’s a frustrating experience that erodes confidence, and compliance. It’s even more frustrating when you had what they needed all along.


With Coupa’s wildcard search functionality, employees can enter a common search term to find related items, policies, web forms and more. They don’t have to know the exact product name and number, as is common with many procurement systems.


In the B2C shopping world, smart buyers do their research and get input from other people through ratings and reviews. With Coupa’s procurement software, your employees can do the same. Employees can rate suppliers and view and tag items, sharing knowledge that leads to smarter purchasing decisions.


The similarity to B2C shopping doesn’t end there. When their cart is ready, it’s just one screen to checkout. Coupa intelligently defaults to your billing account and accesses the built-in address book to help users find the right shipping address.


The Coupa advantage: Unmatched usability

We know what you’re thinking: It couldn’t possibly be that easy. It is.


Coupa was designed and built with users in mind, because user adoption is the key to bringing more spend under management. Our Google-like interface makes Coupa familiar, intuitive and easy to use. Whether it’s rules, purchase orders, invoices, dashboards, you name it—end users can drag, drop and configure to their hearts’ content, all without waiting for a systems analyst.


Check out our customer videos, and you’ll hear it again and again: Coupa is really and truly easy to use. One customer even told us, “your software is so easy to use, your training is a waste of time!"