Purchase Order Software

Coupa sweats the small stuff, so you don’t have to 

With Coupa you get maximum flexibility for creating and sending purchase orders so you can get more spend under management. You no longer have to worry about how you get purchase orders or what format they're in. Coupa handles them all. Plus, you get the same great at-a-glance dashboards and budget functionality that make day-to-day management in Coupa Procurement a delight.


Our patented iBuy purchase order software ensures get the best deal on every purchase, without any extra effort on your part. iBuy automatically converts employees purchase requisitions to P.O.s for you, as many as are necessary. No more manual processing, faxing, and data re-entry. Send P.O.s from Coupa to suppliers any way you like - email, fax and cXML or EDI.


Purchasing with style

Every document you send reflects on your company and purchase orders are no exception. Our purchase order software includes a completely configurable purchase order template.  It's drag and drop easy to customize both the look of your purchase orders and the information included. Your customizations will look the same whether your purchase order is emailed, printed or faxed.


Keep off-catalog spend under management

iRequest helps you keep more spend under management by letting users create purchase requisitions for any item from any supplier, and put it through the normal purchasing process for approval. iBuy purchase order software helps your purchasing organization place those orders just as easily as if they were ordering from an approved supplier.


All iRequest purchase orders include an ‘online order’ icon that takes the buyer right to the desired item in the online store.  A Coupa buyer bar containing information from your purchase order will overlay the top of the page to facilitate the actual transaction. In addition to the item description, quantity and price, the buyer bar contains payment and shipping information from the purchase order, and login credentials for that site.


iBuy checks for problems and flags anything that needs review before it goes out. For additional security, buyers have the final say on orders before they are sent to suppliers. If you make changes, Coupa tracks your edits in revisions for easier audits.


Once the transaction is complete, capture the order confirmation number in iBuy to pass back into Coupa for tracking and reporting.


Outrageously good order handling features

The Recent Orders section of the application homepage gives you at-a-glance status on all your orders, with pertinent details like order date and supplier, and click-through access to the P.O. and original purchase requisition.


With Coupa, you can order frequently needed items right from your email without even logging in to Coupa. Simply go to your shopping cart and click 'Send Email Template.' A pre-filled requisition will be sent to your Inbox. The next time you need to place that order, click reply on that email, fill in the appropriate quantity on each item, and click Send. Coupa will process that requisition automatically. You don't even need to log in to the system.