Purchase Requisitions

Better buying for employees; more savings for managers

The more your employees use Coupa, the more spend you have under management. That’s why our procurement platform makes it dead simple to for them to shop and create purchase requisitions for whatever they need, whether it is from an approved supplier or not.


Coupa breaks down one of the limitations of traditional e-procurement systems: purchase requisitions are limited by the catalogs hosted in the system and by punchout suppliers approved by the purchasing organization.


Coupa iRequest lets employees requisition any item from any website, and still apply the controls and workflows of your e-procurement system. Employees can search the entire online universe to find the best bargains and you can easily manage those purchases through Coupa. Now every employee can help the company save money, without having a machete to cut through red tape.


Here’s how it works: Coupa’s one-click comparison-shopping makes finding the best deal an integral part of creating purchase requisitions. As they add items to their cart, shoppers can easily compare products from a variety of sources you choose, including sites like Google, Amazon, NexTag.com, Shopping.com. If they find a better deal, they can easily replace the item in the cart using Coupa’s iRequest – regardless of the supplier and their relationship with the company.


The employee goes to the website where the item is for sale and adds it to their Coupa shopping cart using the iRequest browser button. iRequest imports the item’s description, supplier and image into Coupa and creates a purchase requisition for manager approval—all with just one click.


A manager reviews and approves the purchase requisition, generating a purchase order. This gives the employee the green light to place the online order.


With Coupa’s Expenses, any item purchased this way can be automatically captured as a pre-approved purchase on an employee expense report. Once the order is completed, the employee simply cancels the purchase order and adds the item to an expense report as a pre-approved line item.


Employees they can find what they need, get purchase approval, place the online order, and add the item to an expense report – all from within one system.


Managers can pre-approve purchases before the order is placed and the expense report is filed – and capture the cost of the item against the proper account and budget period. Managers aren’t blindsided by maverick spend, and everyone saves.


Pre-approved purchases: another Coupa first that blurs the line between requisitions and expenses, and helps companies spend smarter, and save more, from the cloud!