Request For Quote

More savings, fewer clicks

Don’t miss out on the best deals because creating a Request for Quote is too hard. Creating a Request for Quote needs to be easy. If gathering all the required information takes too long, users might not do it, and then your company loses out on the opportunity to save through competitive bidding.


Coupa makes creating a Request for Quote as simple as creating a requisition. In fact, any requisition can be converted into a RFQ with one click.


Fact: Electronic RFQs get more responses

When creating an RFQ, users can attach any associated documents and they will be sent in the email along with the rest of the RFQ. Coupa generates requests that are simple for suppliers to review. The simpler the request is to evaluate, the more quotes you are likely to receive.


Suppliers can bid online

Suppliers can securely enter their bids online in Coupa Sourcing. When you issue an RFQ to your existing and prospective new vendors, they will receive an email inviting them to bid on your project. When the vendor clicks on their dedicated link, they’ll be taken directly to the bid entry page. Suppliers do not need to register or pay any supplier network fees to participate.


Built-in RFQ management

Coupa Sourcing helps you review your quotes side by side. When you’ve awarded the winning bid, the system automatically creates a requisition from the information in the RFQ.