Coupa Analytics

Manage spend as it happens

Effective spend management requires real-time visibility and control. Budget owners need to know where they stand before they approve a requisition. Finance leaders must be able to make strategic decisions based on the needs of the company and market conditions. And procurement managers want it to be easy to give executives the information they need, when they need it.


Coupa Analytics brings the same intuitive interface and drag-and-drop dashboarding to spending analytics software as the rest of the Coupa suite. Coupa Analytics takes the pre-built executive dashboards and reports from our Coupa Procurement, Coupa Expenses and Coupa Invoicing to the next level. Procurement, Finance and Business Managers can set up and customize their own analytics, without help from IT. You’ll get powerful reports that will wow everyone while they help you make better spend decisions.


Assured data accuracy and actionable spend intelligence

You can bet your reputation on Coupa Analytics because reporting it is built on the foundation of Coupa’s native eProcurement data model. Data is automatically cleansed and normalized when it enters the system to reduce miscategorized spend. Even data that’s imported from external ERP and HR systems is merged cleanly so you can get line item level detail with just a few clicks.


Coupa Analtyics is designed to make spend data timely and relevant. Near real-time refresh capability guarantees up-to-date information — no waiting for IT-generated reports. Spend Optimizer’s unique data mash-up capabilities let you combine internal and external data — like pricing trends, so you can make better informed decisions.


Monitor leading indicators to stop overspending 

Companies today must be nimble, flexible and able to adjust spending quickly. Coupa’s Executive Dashboards allow executives to monitor and measure purchasing performance. Real-time graphical views provide critical insights into spending management performance, so managers can take action and put savings controls in place before spend happens:

  • Summary Dashboard: Track company spending as it happens, and forecast the next 6 months of spend based on a statistical linear regression of past purchase data. Track savings by RFQ savings, Discounts Taken, Preferred Supplier Savings, Process Savings and Avoidance. Monitor budget consumption to identify potential over or under-spending.
  • Spend Performance Metrics: Understand spend by commodity, spend by top suppliers and spend of different types (e.g., Punchout vs. Catalogs vs. Free form)
  • Liquidity: See how much you’ve been invoiced for over the last 12 months and if you are maximizing your cash by using the right payment terms across your orders based on volume and value.
  • Supplier Performance: Track vendors that have the worst on-time delivery performance, who are your top-rated and lowest-rated suppliers as well as which vendors have been over-invoicing you.


Pinpoint problem areas and take immediate action

As you monitor your dashboards and identify problem areas you can further drill down to get the depth of data you need to course correct and stay on track.

  • Budget Reports: Get detailed views into all of the requisitions posted against a specific budget during a specific period of time and compare budgeted versus actual costs.
  • Accrual Reports: See which purchase orders have received the goods or services but have not yet been invoiced to easily move budget from one period to the next.
  • Custom Views: For those who need views beyond dashboard and other pre-configured reports, Coupa provides one-click Excel download functionality to export the data you need for additional insight.


Benchmark your performance against the competition

How is your procurement organization doing? With benchmark analysis, Coupa customers can quantify the savings they generate, and see how they stack up against the other similar organizations for 18 different key performance indicators, including you can learn from the experience of others, improve performance and make the business case for more informed spend management decisions.  For example:


Never before has this kind of information been available, providing you the insight you need to get a leg up on the competition. Imagine if you knew…

  • What percent of spend most organizations have under management?
  • On average, how long it takes to get a request approved and an order delivered?
  • What percent of purchasing requests approvers reject right out of the gate to reduce wasteful spend?
  • How many suppliers are setup for electronic PO and invoice handling?


Coupa Benchmarking lets you know how your procurement organization stacks up against the market in key performance areas. Armed with this information, it’s easy to see where you can further improve process efficiencies to generate additional savings and outperform the competition.