Welcome to the Coupa Customer Executive Board

You are one of 50 extraordinary executives who have been invited to join Coupa’s exclusive Customer Executive Board (CEB)

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We created the CEB to recognize standouts in the Coupa community for their leadership, expertise and ongoing contributions to the community and the Business Spend Management (BSM) industry at large.

Membership in the CEB puts you in the elite company of thought leaders, who define and shape Business Spend Management today and tomorrow. Members come from various backgrounds and industries, with diverse specialities and insights. But the one thing members all have in common is exceptional expertise, vision for innovation, and a penchant for pushing boundaries.

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CEB Mission

Our fundamental goals are twofold:

  • Create an exclusive network of visionary minds and leaders in the BSM industry
  • Help you amplify, enhance and expand the impact of the BSM industry as a whole

CEB is designed to be an incubator for ideas and catalyst for innovation in the BSM industry. It’s an assembly to be inspired and to inspire others through the free exchange of ideas between a community of procurement experts who have reached the pinnacle of the industry.

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Membership Privileges

As a CEB member you’ll be in direct contact with the thought leaders making the news and developing the future of BSM to learn about trends, issues and innovations before they trickle down to the broader industry.

Personal PR

Personal Brand Recognition

We’ll strive to amplify your personal brand to achieve even greater success. We’ll offer up publishing and interview opportunities with publications of both industry and national exposure. We’ll also nominate you for industry and national business awards and, if you're selected, we’ll advocate for you within our extensive network of procurement professionals in the BSM community.

Peer Advice

Peer Advice & Problem Solving

We all have our particular areas of expertise and experience that we can lend to our fellow CEB peers in the spirit of mutual aid. If a CEB member or another executive in our community has a question or issue that perplexes them, we’ll connect you privately on the back end with an executive subject matter expert on that subject.


Exclusive Events

Throughout the year, you'll receive exclusive invitations to members-only CEB events. Agendas will revolve around the sharing of new insights, industry trends and current or impending issues facing the BSM community. Events will range from seminars to present proprietary research from respected firms like McKinsey, Forrester and Gartner to inspirational speakers with broader leadership themes. In fact, our first event has already been scheduled and we hope to see you there.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

As a member, you’ll get first rights to high-profile spotlight speaking invitations at events throughout the year. These can range from international stages like Coupa’s industry-leading Inspire conference and other 3rd party Coupa-supported conferences, to more intimate webinars, expert round tables, and seminars hosted by the Procurement Foundry and others.

Membership Commitments

As a member, we ask that you contribute just a bit of time and effort for the collective success of the Board in our pursuit to promote the broader procurement community.


From time to time we'll ask our members to help give back to the community by connecting with prospective Coupa executive customers. What would you do differently if you were starting all over again? We believe your valuable insights and advocacy, gleaned from personal experience, can help those at the beginning of their own journey. We'll facilitate a private introduction to discuss the ins and outs and best practices of implementing an automated BSM platform. We ask that you commit to helping out 1-3 executives per membership year.


This goes hand-in-hand with the above membership privilege, but we would like you to commit to taking advantage of speaking invitations by committing to 2-3 engagements per year. These can be industry trade shows, webinars, Procurement Foundry seminars, round tables, etc. Not only will it help raise your personal profile, but it will help promote the entire community as we cultivate the CEB as a premiere source for thought leadership.


It’s a simple equation: the more smart people in a community, the smarter it is. To that end, we ask your help in expanding the CEB community by sharing your network of executives, influencers, and thought leaders. We want to pull in as many stellar minds as possible to expand and inform our vision. Your introductions will be invaluable to building this Smarter Community together.

We hope to call you a fellow Board member

Membership is a one-year commitment. The program is reviewed annually, and CEB members are renewed based on their ongoing contributions during the most recent year. We’ll be adding more perks and privileges as the program evolves and are open to ideas from members.