IDC PeerScape: Automation Practices to Drive Differentiated Supply Chain Planning Performance

This IDC report highlights how advanced technologies can address supply chain disruption challenges, thus providing organizations with a competitive edge.

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Gain a competitive edge through improved supply chain planning performance

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  • The importance of advanced technologies in the modern supply chain
  • Automation practices from peer insights, including Belcorp’s use of Coupa Supply Chain Design & Planning to bridge the disconnect between Sourcing and Supply Chain
  • Technology focus areas and guidance to drive supply chain efficiency
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As global supply chains continue to undergo enormous pressure, organizations seeking to improve the efficiency and resilience of their supplier network are finding that traditional approaches to supply chain planning and analysis simply can’t keep pace. What is now needed, they find, is a fast and data-driven means to support new business models and balance resiliency, cost-efficiency, and fulfilling increasing customer demands.

Download this IDC PeerScape report to find out how advanced technologies can help address supply chain challenges.

Automation, particularly artificial intelligence, is a key strategic element of our future supply chain.
Director of Supply Chain Planning at a global CPG company


What are the main challenges that supply chain teams have?

Supply chain teams’ primary challenges include finding employees with the right experience and skill set, identifying the best ways to utilize the varied demand data in order to improve demand forecasts, and a lack of alignment between sourcing vendors and the supply chain, which results in delays and excess costs.

What are the key drivers of change for organizations’ supply chains?

According to the IDC survey, the key drivers to improve supply chains include the use of new technology, the aim to improve product quality, the objective to increase supply chain resiliency, efforts to reduce costs, and the desire to grow the business.

What are three main practices that IDC recommends organizations do to address the challenges they face in their supply chains?

The first practice that IDC recommends is to leverage intelligent automation to implement a digital workforce. Second, IDC recommends using AI to improve the near-term demand forecast by managing multiple demand signals. Third, IDC recommends bridging the disconnect between sourcing and supply chain.