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The No Mouse Left Behind Guide to Change Management

I love change. I couldn't live in a job that didn't have change every day, and I’m fortunate to have spent most of my career in change agent roles, starting when I worked at Tyco in the early 90s. The whole business world was on an M&A binge at that…Read blog post

Dodging the perils of point solutions in the world of postmodern ERP

Back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, ERP systems ruled the enterprise technology landscape. The thinking then was that megasuites offered by ERP vendors would extend beyond manufacturing and financials, and eventually tie together all of a company’s business processes. As technology has evolved and we’re shifting toward…Read blog post

Customer Success Lessons From a Future Cross Country Champ

As a Customer Success leader, I’m involved with a lot of “check-ins” with customers to see how they’re progressing on the success goals that underlie their software implementation. Sometimes these conversations are a lot of fun. It’s great to see people hitting their goals and achieving things they never thought…Read blog post

When adoption by all is the ultimate measure of Value as a Service

Have you ever had to practice what you preach? I have always been on the sales side of the business, supporting sales teams by conducting ROI and total cost of ownership analyses for big enterprise software deployments. Last year, I was charged with buying a software tool for our…Read blog post

Looking for your next big idea? Focus on execution instead

How can you incubate your big idea on the job? Forget about the size of the idea and focus on execution. An idea is nothing without execution. There are a lot of big ideas that sound great on paper but never go anywhere. And, a lot of “small” ideas, when…Read blog post