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  • September 19, 2019
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  • Mickey North Rizza, Guest Contributor, IDC
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  • Business Strategy
Digital transformation is significantly altering our world, moving the physical aspects of doing many things to the digital pipe. For example, banks were traditionally open only during certain business hours, so any banking was dependent upon going to a branch office, waiting in line, and interacting with a teller. Now…Read blog post
During a recession, revenue is anything but guaranteed. So, in order to stay profitable, companies usually focus inward on reducing costs. However, many businesses do this quite bluntly— they scale back, change their growth plans, downsize, and lay off workers. While these drastic measures are sometimes necessary, there…Read blog post
Artificial intelligence, Fintech and robotic process automation were among the top business news trends of 2017. Not surprisingly, posts on those topics also topped the list of our most read and shared blog posts of the year. Contributions on technology innovation in travel and expense management, and best practices for…Read blog post
Machine learning is being talked about an awful lot in the business world these days, and rightfully so, since we’ve made big strides with it in just the past few years. We are finally starting to see some exciting applications in a wide variety of industries. However, the way…Read blog post
I love change. I couldn't live in a job that didn't have change every day, and I’m fortunate to have spent most of my career in change agent roles, starting when I worked at Tyco in the early 90s. The whole business world was on an M&A binge at that…Read blog post