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The Coupa Fast 5: Cloud, collaboration are where it's at

Keep up with the changing finance and procurement landscape by reading the latest articles by thought leaders and subject matter experts on cloud, strategic procurement and finance.


This week: Is there something about the fall air that turns people's thoughts to collaboration? There's always a lot of talk about the need to be more collaborative but there seems to be more than usual of late, at least in the online channels where we hang out. We're seeing some interesting perspectives on the skills needed to collaborate better, who the tops collaborators are and how tools are evolving to support collaboration.


We're perpetually interested in seeing how the cloud computing journey is unfolding, and what new trends are cropping up. As cloud computing moves into the mainstream, adoption remains uneven. For many, there is still a need for some myth debunking to be done before they can fully embrace the cloud. For others futher along on the journey, IT is stepping up its role, which will surely lead to a shift in the way solutions are managed -- and sold.  



Coupa 1The Cloud: reality vs. myth and thinking differently 

True or false: Cloud computing is a cheaper, less secure solution to data storage that will eventually make the CIO and IT department redundant. All false! We’re several years in with cloud now, yet certain myths persist. Alistair Banks of Deloitte Australia thoroughly debunks them and offers some much-needed perspective.



Coupa 2Cloud computing: CIOs are taking back control, but is it already too late?

The days when business leaders went off and bought their own cloud solutions are rapidly coming to an end. CIOs and IT departments have retooled their skill sets for the cloud era and are now reasserting control. Are they taking over just in time to avert catastrophe, or just in time to get blamed for it? 



Coupa 3Stakeholder Empathy Before Stakeholder Management 

Can procurement collaborate effectively with engineering groups? The answer is yes, argues Paul Teague in his blog on Procurement Leaders, and empathy is the key. Listening and finding common ground is an essential skill that can be applied to collaboration with marketing, finance, IT and other groups as well.



Coupa 4The Well-Balanced CFO is redefining collaboration 

It seems procurement isn’t the only group looking to work more collaboratively. As companies look to stay competitive, businesses are emphasizing the finance viewpoint in strategic and operational decision making and on collaboration between departments across the board. 




Coupa 5

Why Digital Paper is Killing Efficiency and How to Stop It

When you work online, are you creating a unique artifact or working in the context of a larger platform? If your work can only be shared by passing it around, you are using “digital paper.” Never heard of it? Dan Woods explains its impact, and why the watchword for the next generation of digital tools is . . . wait for it . . . collaboration.