Unites the Power of Spend for Every Coupa Customer

Donna Wilczek
Donna Wilczek
Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation, Coupa Software

She is an executive sponsor of the Coupa Executive Advisory Board and an inventor with multiple software patents.

Read time: 3 mins Unites the Power of Spend for Every Coupa Customer

For years, Coupa customers have leveraged our comprehensive platform to manage their company’s transactions across procurement, finance, and supply chain. We’ve helped customers around the world streamline operations, decrease supply chain risk, drive sustainability results, and improve their bottom line.

With our history of rapid innovation and focus on pragmatic innovation, we’re at a place where the unification of spend is providing true value across the business. Our customers are fundamentally transforming how they work to provide greater value and service to their customers externally.

As this transformation has pushed forward, the power of predictive insights has increased exponentially. Yet, it’s next to impossible for any one person or organization alone to see every opportunity, identify every trend, or understand every business spend correlation across their company and industry. We know from working with thousands of customers, suppliers, and partners that none of us is truly as smart as all of us.

That’s where Coupa’s makes the difference

Today, we’re announcing the launch of a set of next-gen spend management innovations under the umbrella of By combining the power of data-driven artificial intelligence with person-to-person connections, transforms B2B communities and how buyers and sellers interact.

Underpinning our initiative is the massive amount of data generated every day from more than 2,000 global customers — our platform has processed over $4 trillion of cumulative spend from across the Business Spend Management (BSM) community. Combined with novel ways for our customers to interact directly and in groups, Coupa’s proprietary artificial intelligence aggregates data and then leverages it to help organizations discover deeper insights, make better decisions, and support mutual success.

While other B2B software companies may either have strong artificial intelligence capabilities or large community user bases, Coupa is taking the best parts of both worlds and combining them into one unified next-gen community where human connections are made directly in the context of spend business processes. A leap forward not just for the BSM industry, but for all enterprise software.

With, every procurement, finance, supply chain, and treasury leader within the Coupa community can benefit from the shared experiences of every other Coupa customer. They’ll discover new ways to drive their business forward without having to write a single algorithm or invest in teams of data scientists to analyze their siloed business data.

All of this combines to help businesses to:

  • Discover deeper insights: Leverage insights from more than $4 trillion of anonymized spend data to identify effective ways to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and be more profitable.
  • Make better decisions: Foster meaningful change by empowering teams with the right information at the right time through in-context, actionable prescriptions.
  • Grow ESG impact: Create broader impact and operationalize purpose with new insights into risks and opportunities around company Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices.
  • Support mutual success: Build deeper connections with peers around the world, and tap into collective knowledge and spend power to drive better business results. isn’t just a nice benefit for Coupa’s customers. It’s our creation of a new kind of business value, a clear demonstration of the fundamental idea that we are, in fact, smarter together.

Throughout the year, we’ll share the ways that our customers are benefiting from and uniting behind the power of spend to deliver better performance, profitability, and purpose.

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