Coupa Leaders Celebrate International Women’s Day

Read time: 7 mins
International Women's Day 2018 balloon.

The Coupa Empower program uses the depth and breadth of the Coupa community to connect women across our ecosystem of employees, customers, and partners, and is committed to creating meaningful cross-sector relationships, expanding leadership skills, and providing mentorship and inspiration to improve diversity, inclusion, and equality across every industry.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked members of Coupa Empower what, or who, empowers them and how they are striving to empower others to achieve their own dreams. Here are their inspiring perspectives.

Natalie Cedeno, Director, Human Resources
“I am empowered by my children and to me, success is raising them and being able to support them through the years. They make me want to be a better person, mother, woman, and employee. Just as I work to make a difference for my children, I work to do so for Coupa’s employees as well. My role gives me the opportunity to speak out and serve as a representative for others, and I strive to empower others to elevate their voice.”

Dina Ghobrial, Chief Procurement Officer
“I believe knowledge and persistence are key to empowerment. I strive to empower others by sharing what I know, teaching what I’ve learned over the years, and when things go wrong, as they invariably do, carrying enough empathy and patience to guide us through to an outcome. Throughout my career I’ve worked with incredible leaders who’ve empowered me in similar ways, including giving me the space to make mistakes and learn from them. I try to do the same to empower others.”

Krystal Hunt, Senior Manager, Global Recruiting Operations & Programs
“For me, my environment plays a big part in empowering me to be successful. Surrounding myself with people I trust provides me with the support system and assurance that I can get through any challenge that comes my way. I'm inspired by the amazing women and men who continue to champion each other to be the best version of themselves and look to those examples around me that I can put into practice to empower others.”

Liz Oseguera, Senior Customer Marketing Manager
“My friends, family and colleagues empower me to be successful by lending an ear when I need it. It is through honest and thoughtful conversations that I have learned the most about myself, what drives me, and how I can be a better person who can do great things! At Coupa, I am fortunate to get to work with our amazing, passionate customers every day and hearing, first-hand, their experiences, challenges, and wins empowers me to work harder to continue to make them successful. To fully empower others, I think it is essential to listen and provide thoughtful feedback. That is how I feel empowered, so it is how I strive to empower others. Being someone that others feel comfortable coming to with the good and the bad is important in building a foundation of trust that allows you to help others realize their full potential.”

Casey Levine, Customer Value Manager
“My success is empowered by our customers - they inspire me to be at my best every day, to find creative ways to solve new challenges and to discover new opportunities to add value. There’s no better feeling than leaving for the day or week and knowing that you were a part of something great, something that made a tangible difference. I wholeheartedly believe that success is contagious, and that just one person can provide the spark needed for the next great idea. With that in mind, I challenge myself to consistently be approachable, collaborative, and inventive in my efforts to empower others – as none of us is greater than all of us.”

Priya Ramachandran, Director, Customer Strategy & Operations
“A respectful, collaborative working environment are essential to feeling empowered and ensuring the success of your team and your customers. My mom taught me how to be confident and respectful, and I carry those learnings forward with me every day. One of the ways I do so is by being there and listening as a mentor, and it’s remarkable how much we learn and empower each other through conversations.”

Hema Roy, Senior Program Manager, Engineering
“I am empowered daily by my strive to utilize all my potential to the fullest every day. The Coupa culture enables me to be learning something new from people around me all the time and I aim to share the same with other women, empowering them to push on, even when the odds may seem to be against you.”

Deborah Silberman, Vice President, Sales Operations, Finance
“I am very fortunate to have a mom who has always supported me in all my endeavors. She has been an amazing role model, achieving many things including valedictorian of her high school class, a college degree and a career as a dietician for a hospital - all things that were not easy for women in her day. She is someone I look up to and strive to be as strong and supportive as. It’s through that lens that I strive to support and empower others by truly listening and hearing what they are saying. In doing so, you open up priceless communication and empower that individual to share their ideas and thoughts.”

Sally Stephens, Vice President, Alliance Programs
“In order for me to be successful, I have to be surrounded by enthusiastic people who are also passionate about success. That, combined with a positive attitude, really empowers me to work harder and try new things. I believe it is essential to give back and I like to mentor other people to help them be the best they can be. As I look back on the mentor who helped me jumpstart my career, I hope to have some small impact on others on their journey.”

Samantha Stryker, Customer Marketing Manager
“I feel empowered by my will to live my best life and help others to the best of my abilities. After having a life-threatening condition almost five years ago, I vowed to help others, as well as strive toward my own success, for however long I'm on this earth. I want to be a Voice for the Many. Having once been shy and withdrawn, quietly observing others, I aim to help equip everyone with the ability to elevate their voice and succeed in whatever they seek to achieve on their journey of self-empowerment.”

Virginia Synnott, Office Manager, Dublin, Ireland
“Family, friends, and my Coupa colleagues all play a role in empowering me to be successful. As I work to empower others to contribute to the success of the Coupa community, I believe that effective communication and ownership are the core ingredients to empower others on their journey.”