Coupa Named as One of Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology in 2021

Ray Martinelli
Ray Martinelli
Chief People Officer, Coupa Software

Ray brings more than 20 years of experience in global human resource management with industry-leading, high-growth companies in Silicon Valley. Ray earned a master's degree in organizational development from Golden Gate University and a bachelor's degree in organizational communications from Sacramento State University.

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Coupa Named as One of Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology in 2021

The past year has brought on unprecedented challenges to organizations all over the globe, across industries, and of all shapes and sizes. Not only did we face physical hurdles of shifting to a remote workforce, but we were also responsible for keeping team members engaged, motivated, and inspired — which is no easy feat.

Here at Coupa, we have been incredibly fortunate to have adapted to these new rules of work so well and could not have done it without staying true to our three core values — Ensure Customer Success, Focus on Results, and Strive for Excellence. These values center on employee autonomy and accountability, which enabled us to thrive in the new virtual work environment.

Everyone at Coupa gives an unwavering commitment to delivering real and meaningful value to our customers. That’s why I believe we have had such a smooth transition to taking the entire company remote. We focus on action, not process. Team members manifest authenticity, leaving ego at the door. And we nurture opportunity, not hierarchy.

I’m incredibly proud of all we have accomplished last year. We have prevailed — we’ve thrived and grown, coming out stronger.

That’s also why I’m thrilled to share that today, Coupa has been named one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology in 2021 by Great Place to Work. In turn, we are celebrating onboarding over 1,220 employees entirely remotely in the past year — which is nearly half of the entire company! We have also promoted 17% of eligible employees at the end of 2020 — double the industry norm of 8.9%.

A few initiatives I’m particularly proud of that we launched and increased investments in this year include:

  • Sharing team member stories through Humans of Coupa: Special thanks to all that either participated in or produced these inspiring videos, which showcased diverse stories about team members' successes and challenges. The stories shared have truly made an impact on how we can learn and grow together by hearing one another’s stories, as well as stay connected in a disparate and remote world. 

  • Uplifting employees through Coupa Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): We are dedicated to the wellbeing of our employees and are happy to have expanded our Employee Resource Groups — Illuminate, Empower, and Engage — to provide support for new programming in 2021 as they continue to work to ensure Coupa’s products and internal practices are more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

  • Providing new tools and trainings for team members: Following the initial launch of our two new training series, Navigating Change and Resilience, which helped team members lead with resilience and understand and assess the impact of change, we will be looking for ways to build upon these learnings to continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

In a year plagued by one uncertainly after the next, and surely with more on the horizon, these are just a handful of accomplishments I am incredibly proud of that our team at Coupa has accomplished.

And perhaps the most exciting part about it all is that we have only scratched the surface of what we can, and will, achieve in years to come.

If this sounds appealing to you, and you are hungry for new challenges and opportunities and looking to make a valuable impact in your professional career, we’d love to hear from you! We are always welcoming new team members to the Coupa Village. Find your fit today.