Coupa Partners: Striving for Excellence and Working Smarter Together

Roger Goulart
Roger Goulart
EVP, Business Development and Alliances, Coupa Software

Roger Goulart, EVP of Business Development and Alliances, is responsible for extending Coupa Software’s value through partnerships with technology and distribution partners. He brings more than twenty years of sales, alliance, business development, support and professional services management experience to Coupa.

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Coupa Partners: Striving for Excellence and Working Smarter Together

At a time when organizations face increasing complexity in a highly-competitive landscape, partnerships can be instrumental in unlocking greater business value and excellence. While partnerships have always played an essential role in Coupa’s mission, they have become even stronger in this new environment. 

Our focused partner ecosystem is continually expanding, and we are collaborating with partners that can build upon our services with additional capabilities to optimize customer value and enhance customer experiences. By working together, we can build resiliency, become more agile, and become smarter together.

An Ecosystem to Build Value   
Our well-defined and strong partnerships help drive mutually-beneficial growth for both Coupa and our partners. Partner Connect, our main partner program, is designed to create an experienced and highly-leveraged partner ecosystem for customers seeking to optimize business spending and drive digital transformation across their entire organization.

Our trusted ecosystem of partners spans a wide range of specialties, from advisory and training to integrations and customized solutions that extend our Business Spend Management (BSM) platform's power. This network of consulting agencies, implementation practices, managed service providers, and technology partners can support end-to-end optimization of spend management. We also work with a robust network of resellers focused on procure to pay, business process optimization, supplier onboarding, outsourcing, and supply chain resiliency.

This idea of joining ideas and core capabilities makes us all stronger together.

  • Our Implementation Partners include consulting and procurement practices with specialized experience in using the Coupa platform to optimize value. 
  • Managed Service Provider Partners have developed implementation and Contingent Worker Program delivery capabilities and can include practitioners to support Coupa Contingent Workforce (CCW). 
  • CoupaLink Technology Partners include software providers and vendors that have developed integrations and apps to extend the Coupa platform. 
  • We also have Payment Partners, including financial institutions and payment technology providers that deliver value with Coupa by offering a one-stop-shop for a customer's B2B payments and financing needs. 

Our mission is customer success and ensuring they meet their own goals. Coupa’s results-oriented philosophy strives for excellence by establishing factors to measure success and continually raising the bar for ourselves and our customers.

Synchronizing Data and Automating Processes 
For organizations that manage spend with hundreds of cost centers in complex supply chains, it can be challenging to gain visibility of spending when data lives in numerous siloed applications. Coupa partners are now bridging this gap, improving the performance of our customers and their own.

We have partnered with Software AG, a leader in platform integration to together help meet our customers' and prospects' spend management demands. Software AG simplifies data synchronization between cloud-based and on-premise applications for Coupa customers by using Coupa Connector, an out-of-the-box Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). enables users to easily integrate Coupa with third-party applications to synchronize data and automate processes. As Jason Johns, SVP of Global Alliances & Channels at Software AG mentions, this integration helps customers attain actionable insights to improve inventory management, make smarter purchasing decisions, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.

Power of Community 
By highlighting our partners and sharing success stories, we also foster continuous improvement across our ecosystem. We are conducting webinars with partners, such as Deloitte, KPMG, The Hackett Group, and many more on topics that are important to our community. We are also excited to announce a series of guest blogs from our partners sharing their industry experiences, perspectives, and best practices.

More recently, at the Smarter Together virtual event, sponsored by Accenture, Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn and other Coupa executives shared thoughts on the power of community, Coupa’s platform vision, and what recent acquisitions have added to the BSM platform.

Through experience, we have learned that insights from the collective knowledge and experiences of the community can improve procurement, sourcing, payments, and risk management to help businesses thrive in any economic situation. 

Moving Forward and Succeeding Together 
Our partnership experiences have demonstrated how information from the many can create valuable insights for the one. By leveraging anonymous and non-proprietary data from every community member, we can all discover new ways to drive value in today's increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Coupa and our partners are embracing the new normal, and we are all committed to driving our customer success in this era of digital transformation. By working in tandem with our partners, we can all move forward and beyond.

Visit Coupa Partner Connect to learn about our partner programs or to meet Coupa Partners.