Coupa Recognized as a Leader in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled T&E Applications for Midmarket 2022–2023 Vendor Assessment

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Coupa Recognized as a Leader in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled T&E Applications for Midmarket 2022–2023 Vendor Assessment

For the third time, Coupa has been positioned in the Leaders Category in its IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Travel and Expense (T&E) Applications for Midmarket 2022–2023 Vendor Assessment. The IDC MarketScape notes the following strengths for Coupa — investment in applied AI, broad Business Spend Management platform, integration of customer feedback, and user-centric design.

Why T&E matters

Nearly half of companies have difficulties getting their employees to use their company-preferred travel booking tool. And as business travel resumes to its pre-pandemic levels, cost-savings in T&E is top of mind for finance teams — especially with economic conditions remaining uncertain. With Coupa’s T&E management, companies have greater visibility and control over their end-to-end business spend.

Coupa T&E software in action

ThoughtSpot is one of many Coupa customers that enhanced its T&E management. Not only did the company gain real-time visibility into spend and eliminate manual processes, but it also saved IT teams three to four hours per month since they no longer needed to debug manual transfers of payment files from their ERP to their bank portal.

Here’s how Coupa maximizes your T&E spend

Coupa makes it easy for employees to book great travel options on web and mobile and simplifies the complexities of corporate travel and expense management for organizations. Coupa sets itself apart from others in the industry by:

  • Prioritizing the user experience: Employees can book trips in five minutes and save 1–3% on their air and hotel spend with Travel Saver, an automatic cost-savings feature that rebooks flights and hotels when prices drop. Once they’re on the road, they have access to live travel agent assistance anytime within the mobile app. They can also log travel expenses from the mobile app, create automatic expense reports, and get reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses faster with Coupa Pay.
  • Unifying T&E with BSM: Unifying T&E with Coupa’s Business Spend Management (BSM) platform creates unique spend optimization opportunities. For example, companies can leverage Procurable Insights to easily identify expenses that can be moved onto contracts for future savings. They can also take advantage of additional savings with Spend Guard’s continuous AI-based expense fraud detection.
  • Leveraging community insights: Through the power of Coupa, customers can measure their performance against critical T&E program KPIs such as platform adoption, expense approval cycle time, and corporate card adoption rate. also analyzes trillions of dollars in anonymized spend data to provide customers with prescriptive recommendations. Companies can then make strategic decisions based on data, not assumptions, to improve efficiency and profitability. Companies can drive even more cost-savings with Coupa Advantage — where users have access to thousands of pre-negotiated private rates for airlines, car rentals, hotels, and more.

The sky’s the limit

There are just some things AI can’t do, and one of them is interacting on a human level with colleagues, partners, and customers. With Coupa’s automated and AI-driven T&E software, employees can focus more on those human interactions and less on tracking their travel expenses.

Go beyond T&E and maximize all your spend management with Coupa. Our unified platform allows you to see your spend in one place — from purchasing to invoicing to expenses. Hear why Gartner and Forrester also agree that Coupa provides the leading solutions for procure-to-pay suites and collaborative supply networks.

Learn more about managing your T&E spend and how Coupa stacks up to other solutions.

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