Coupa Veteran Jobs Onboarding Program x FedRAMP

Tom Voshell
Tom Voshell
Vice President, Federal Project Management Office at Coupa Software

Tom is an innovative leader that leverages a deep knowledge of collaborative sales methodologies to deliver high quality customer experiences. His experience includes design & development of automated process control systems, and definition & development of software solutions within enterprise and government environments.

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Coupa Veteran Jobs Onboarding Program x FedRAMP

Many discharged U.S. veterans have valuable technical skills and knowledge, but may be underprepared when it comes to creating targeted resumes, applying for engineering jobs, or conducting interviews in the corporate world.

We've seen how veterans' military experience doesn't always easily translate into traditional corporate job requirements, and valuable technical experience may be obscured by military jargon. This can result in recruiters eliminating veterans as candidates for many positions that they are well qualified to fill. Additionally, we recognize that amongst the veteran community, extremely valuable soft skills — such as critical thinking, accountability, and leadership — tend to be high.

A Coupa program to recruit, hire, and train qualified veterans

To leverage the value in the veteran community, Coupa has created a Veteran Jobs Onboarding Program to recruit, hire, and train qualified veterans for jobs related to FedRAMP. Coupa’s FedRAMP Authorized solutions are targeted for government agencies and require U.S. Persons staffing that may include some level of security clearance, as well as other requirements for which many veterans have already been vetted.

Our Veteran Jobs Onboarding Program brings exceptional veterans into a program designed to increase their skills and provide them with a career path in the world of cloud solutions. Utilizing Coupa University and training tools like A Cloud Guru, Pluralsight, and online certification sites, the onboarding program will help workers develop the knowledge and skills needed for positions within Coupa.

Program participants will train for roles in System Reliability Engineering (SRE), Security Operations, Technical Services, and Technical Support Engineering. As part of this program, Coupa is seeking veterans with experience in the following MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) codes:

  • Army: 17X, 170X, 25X, 255X, 32N
  • Navy: IT(X), 741X, 731X, 745X, 746X, 002712, 002713, 002775, 002781, 002782, 003103, 003104, 001215, 001220, 001227, and 95XX series
  • Marines: 0510, 0550, 0551, 0605, 0659, 0681, 1702, 1705, 1710, 1711, 1720, 1799, 2602, 2611, 2629, 2659, 2691, 4417, 4503, 4513, 4543, 4573, 8055, 8834
  • Air Force: 14F1, 17C0, 17S1S, 1B000, 1B411, 1B432, 1B451, 1B491, 1D700, 1D711A, 1D711B, 1D711D, 1D711E, 1D711K, 1D711Z, 1D731X, 1D751X, 1D771X, 1D791X, 1N4X1, 33S1X, 3D012, 3D013, 3D01X, 3D03X, 3D07X, 3D09X
  • Coast Guard: Cybersecurity, Cyber IT, Information Systems Management, IT Information System Technician, Instructor IT

Coupa's Veterans Career web page with MOS search functionality

Coupa’s Veterans Career web page features a new MOS code search feature. The purpose of MOS codes are to identify skills, experience, credentials, and education obtained in the military and align them with civilian opportunities.

With over 60 different MOSs between the different military branches, this MOS search feature matches skill sets gained in the military to current job openings at Coupa, helping to bring in qualified veterans to the Coupa village.

The series of screenshots below shows you how to navigate to the Veterans Career web page and use the new MOS search function:

Finding veteran opportunities at Coupa is easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. From, click on Company > Careers Overview

step 1_careers overview menu item

2. Click on Veterans At Coupa

step 2_veterans at coupa menu item

3. Find matching job opportunities by searching for military codes or keywords

step 3_search veteran jobs


step 4_search results veteran jobs