Coupa’s Spendsetter Awards: Celebrating Customer Success in BSM, Supply Chain, & ESG

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Coupa’s Spendsetter Awards: Celebrating Customer Success in BSM, Supply Chain, and ESG

Coupa customers are revitalizing their organizations’ processes in ways that make their companies stronger, smarter, and safer. These actions create ripple effects of positive change, from maximizing business value to improving the world around us.

Today, Coupa is proud to announce the 2nd annual Spendsetter Awards, recognizing leading individuals and companies who are driving these positive changes globally.

The Spendsetter Awards celebrate the most exemplary Coupa customer stories from supply chain, procurement, finance, and IT professionals and highlight their success in the Business Spend Management (BSM) industry.

Award categories represent the underlying value delivered from leading spend management practices, including the industry’s top trending use cases — ESG / sustainability / DEI, the use of artificial intelligence (AI), supply chain design, and more.

Submissions are open now and we encourage all our customers and partners to share their stories. The submission deadline for awards is March 3, 2023. Submissions will be scored based on criteria inspired by Coupa’s values, including a focus on results, striving for excellence, and ensuring customer success. Winners will be recognized at Coupa Inspire events globally.

The categories for this year’s Spendsetter Awards for Smarter Spending are as follows:

Spendsetter Award for Power of the Platform:
Impactful Spend Management Transformation
This award recognizes the company that has united powerful technologies to connect teams and deliver new levels of performance and purpose leveraging Coupa's suite of BSM applications to create measurable impact for their business.

Spendsetter of the Year:
Business Leaders Revolutionizing Spend Management
This individual is recognized for their contributions to Coupa’s advocacy program. The winner will have participated in several advocacy activities and elevated their own professional brand in partnership with Coupa.

Spendsetter Award for Economic & Social Impact:
Promoting Equality and Sustainability Through Spend
Awarded to an organization that has prioritized and embedded diversity and/or sustainability within their spend processes for the good of the organization and the world. The winner will have leveraged Coupa technology to improve supplier diversity, environmental or social impact, or corporate governance, making an impact that goes beyond the bottom line.
Spendsetter Award for Smarter Spending:
Using Actionable Data Insights to Remove Inefficiencies
Recognizing a company that has leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics to reduce risk and drive impactful efficiency gains.
Spendsetter Award for Financial Agility & Visibility:
Financial Leaders Optimizing Spend Management
Awarded to a company that gained greater visibility into cash and payments, making smarter financial decisions, optimizing liquidity, and improving forecasting.

Spendsetter Award for Supply Chain Excellence:
The team that wins this award will have orchestrated supply chain design and planning that exemplifies agility in action, with the ability to respond rapidly and adapt the supply chain amidst the new normal of constant change.

Learn more about the Spendsetter Awards and make your submission today. Deadline is March 3!

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