Introducing the Coupa App Marketplace

Nigel Pegg
Nigel Pegg
VP and General Manager of the CoupaLink Technology Ecosystem

Nigel is the VP and General Manager of the CoupaLink Technology Ecosystem. With more than 20 years leading and delivering world-class software, he’s obsessed with all things platform, ecosystem, and partnerships.

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Introducing the Coupa App Marketplace

Establishing effective Business Spend Management (BSM) processes has proven critical for enterprise adaptability. Coupa’s BSM platform has evolved to become a single source of truth for managing spend and a foundational component of many enterprises’ tech stacks. To adapt to the unique needs of each customer, Coupa’s BSM platform is open and built for extension. While developing custom platform extensions yourself is possible, such an approach is often inefficient.

We at Coupa believe in the power of partner ecosystems offering pre-built platform extensions to best serve the needs of customers, delivering efficient adaptability. Coupa is investing in its ecosystem to make it easier for customers to harness the innovation of our partners and adapt to changing needs with the launch of the Coupa App Marketplace.

The next stage in BSM’s evolution

In other established categories, such as CRM and mobile applications, app marketplaces have unlocked significant value. The success of Salesforce’s AppExchange and Apple’s App Store are just two of many headline examples. With BSM as a category maturing — and the richness of the BSM ecosystem growing — the time is ripe for the Coupa App Marketplace.

The Coupa App Marketplace launched on August 16, making it easy for Coupa customers to tap into the vibrant BSM ecosystem by connecting customers to a variety of certified, pre-built solutions. By fostering this connection, the Coupa App Marketplace will help Coupa customers and the BSM ecosystem to grow, thrive, adapt, and innovate.

Pre-built and certified BSM solutions for today’s challenges

The Coupa App Marketplace offers apps across a wide variety of use cases. Overall, these can be grouped into two broad categories: enterprise application integrations and specialized BSM extension applications.

Enterprise app integrations

Enterprise app integrations connect Coupa’s BSM platform to other core 
enterprise technology systems, automating data and workflows between systems.

ERP Systems

Digital Signatures


Human Capital

IT Management

Identity Management

BSM extension apps

BSM extension apps are specialized applications 
that add enhanced BSM capabilities to Coupa’s platform.

Supplier Risk Analysis

Tax Engines

Procurement BI

Inventory Management

Contingent Workforce

Invoicing Solutions


Apps integrate with the Coupa platform in one of two ways

Coupa App Marketplace solutions integrate with the Coupa platform 
as App Connectors or Embedded Apps:

Coupa App Marketplace App Connectors & Embedded Apps

Exploring the Coupa App Marketplace

The App Marketplace’s home page shows featured applications — every month there will be new apps to showcase, and specific apps we believe most customers should be aware of. For those looking for the answer to a specific challenge, it provides a powerful freeform search, and you can also start looking for the solution you need by browsing the marketplace’s app categories.

Coupa App Marketplace Homepage
The App Marketplace home page, featuring new and noteworthy apps
Coupa App Marketplace Category Search
The App Marketplace’s category search

Getting started with a Marketplace app

Application profiles within the App Marketplace provide you with explanatory videos and demos, app features, case studies, white papers, and other relevant, helpful resources. 

Coupa App Marketplace Application Profile
An application profile with a wealth of resources. Note the “Get Started” button.

When you find an app you’re interested in, getting started is simple: Just click the "Get Started" button, fill out a 10-second form, and you’ll be connected with next steps.

Smarter together: None of us is as smart as all of us

By introducing an expanding portfolio of certified partner applications to Coupa's industry-leading BSM platform, Coupa is enabling enterprises to harness the innovation of the Coupa ecosystem to adapt and meet their ever-changing needs without compromising on the comprehensiveness, power, or speed-of-delivery of their solutions. The Coupa App Marketplace enables Coupa customers to easily integrate new applications into their BSM platforms, delivering the capabilities to quickly adapt and meet new requirements — better deploying limited IT resources by leveraging pre-built, certified solutions.