Why Business Leaders Can’t Miss Coupa Inspire 2022

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Why Business Leaders Can’t Miss Coupa Inspire 2022

Impact and legacy are top of mind for business leaders across the globe in this transformational moment in time. Coupa Inspire 2022 is a necessity for business leaders who are committed to growth in our evolving world.

With sustainability, resilience, and agility on the line, the time to come together is now!

In 2022, Coupa Inspire is coming back — better than ever — and bringing together the most innovative minds in finance, procurement, and supply chain to reimagine best-practice solutions to complex business spend management (BSM) issues.

This is more than a business conference, it is a global experience where forward-thinking leaders from supply chain, procurement, finance, treasury, and IT can come together to harness the power of spend efficiently and effectively. Coupa Inspire combines thought leadership, data-driven insights, community intelligence, and the power of social connection to provide value for attendees across various industries.

Join the Coupa community in Las Vegas and Berlin in April and May of 2022 for a unique experience where leaders at every level can gather to learn, share, and grow together.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from Coupa Inspire next year!

Spend management, procurement, and supply chain conversations with industry leaders

Spend is the fuel of business operations and innovative BSM is at the heart of success for companies who wish to deliver performance, purpose, and profitability in the new year and beyond.

Attendees at Coupa Inspire will have numerous opportunities to be engaged, energized, and empowered by spirited keynotes and wisdom-sharing breakout sessions. There will be something for every business spend professional, from the practitioner level to the executive suite. If you’re tired of the traditional and siloed approaches to BSM, then you’re in need of a conference where you’ll meet Chief Procurement Officers, Chief Supply Chain Officers, Heads of Finance, Treasurers, and CIOs who are eager to share how they are transforming their teams, their businesses, and the world with the power of spend.

Come hear procurement leaders from some of the world’s most recognizable brands share their best practices for innovating sourcing and procurement processes to be more agile, efficient, and sustainable. Supply chain stakeholders can expect thoughtful discourse from industry leaders who are maintaining supply chain resilience and breaking down silos to remain competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace. Even finance professionals can connect with key finance decision makers from some of the world’s largest companies. You’ll hear details about how they are using BSM innovation to future proof their financial health across payments, working capital, and treasury.

There really is something for everyone.

That’s the power of comprehensive BSM — it brings business functions together and unites them for collaborative success in the face of uncertainty.

When you join the Coupa community, you accelerate your career and those of your team by tapping into (and sharing in) the wisdom of top companies and top performers in your field!

Learn from leading experts in supply chain, spend, and procurement management

Business functions have operated in silos for too long, but it’s not too late to learn how to unleash the hidden value of your business spend. At Coupa Inspire, attendees will learn from an elite roundup of practitioners and leaders who can attest to the impact of innovating BSM strategies for cross-functional success across the board. Engaging talks, live demos, and immersive social events will infuse inspiration and knowledge to equip BSM professionals from around the world with the best tools for success in a digital era.

Join us in Las Vegas and Berlin to form genuine and authentic relationships while learning how modern, cloud-native BSM systems can increase savings, maximize liquidity, and support ESG objectives. You can expect to learn about the best-practice methodologies for innovating supply chain design, and how the latest advances in BSM technology are integrating processes across procurement, finance, supply chain, legal, risk, and more. Experts from various industries and diverse backgrounds will share their insights about how advanced analytics and cloud-powered software can increase user adoption, achieve compliance, and ultimately create sustainable supply chains that can weather disruption.

If you’ve been wondering how to simultaneously prioritize bottom-line impact and the impact you have on the world at large, then Coupa Inspire is the place for you.

If you’re still not convinced...

Experience the power of connection

In a world that could use more unity, Coupa Inspire is creating a space for the world’s leading professionals to come together in celebration of innovation and pursuit of solutions to the biggest challenges in the global economy.

Come to Coupa Inspire 2022 to experience the power of connection.

In order to navigate today’s complex environment, greater collaboration is needed between departments, buyers and suppliers, and across the supply chain. As companies decide on solutions, a new approach for managing and monitoring business spend is a major part of the answer. Thoughtful collaboration is the answer, and Coupa Inspire is the only event that harnesses community, technological innovation, and business spend in one place.

The Coupa team is ensuring that all attendees will feel physically safe as they come to derive value from what will be a truly transformative experience.

Watch this video to see highlights from Coupa Inspire 2019.
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