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Coupa Webinar Recap: Unlock the Strategic Value of Spend in Times of Business Uncertainty

“From a procurement process perspective, there's definitely a need – especially in times like these – to come together across boundaries to realize that the procure‑to‑pay or even source‑to‑pay process is one process,” said Magnus Bergfors, Lead Analyst at Spend Matters, on the recent Coupa webinar, Unlock the Strategic Value of Spend in Times of Business Uncertainty. (Watch the full webinar replay here.)


Todd Ford, CFO, Coupa, joined Bergfors to discuss how in times of uncertainty, companies need to focus on what they can control. Topics covered include the priority of stabilizing our balance sheets and our cash, the need to identify and remove risk across our supply chains in this new environment, and recent advances in automation, analytics, and community intelligence.


A massive opportunity for finance and procurement to lead
Ford and Bergfors agreed that there’s a massive opportunity for finance and procurement to lead in the new environment. “These are uncertain times and when you can have a meaningful impact on the business from risk mitigation, to capital preservation, to optimizing earnings per share, that's an opportunity where you can lead,” Ford said.


In addition to these topics, key metrics and benchmarks were presented that can help you understand how well you’re positioned to achieve operational excellence and bottom-line results in these uncertain times and beyond. 


Watch the entire webinar and learn more about how business spend management and benchmarking can help you drive agility in times of change.