The Coupa Partner Award Program: Celebrating Passion and Performance

John Okunski
John Okunski
Senior Vice President, America's Ecosystem & Alliances at Coupa

As Senior Vice President, America's Ecosystem & Alliances at Coupa, John leads Field Engagement and Ecosystem development for Coupa's largest Alliance network.  For the past 5 years John has led the growth of Coupa's strategic alliance model, which focuses on Coupa's core values of striving for excellence, focusing on resulting and ensuring customer success.

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The Coupa Partner Award Program: Celebrating Passion and Performance

Twice a year Coupa hosts its virtual Mid-Market Partner Day to share our latest messaging, priorities, and hear from our inspirational guests. In addition, this offers an opportunity to recognize and celebrate our top-performing partners who have gone above and beyond supporting this market. This year, we're launching a trio of awards that align with our key values: ensuring customer success, striving for excellence, and focusing on key results.

Coupa has a strong, dedicated focus on high-growth and mid-market organizations. These organizations are dynamic, fast-moving, and benefit tremendously from the cost-saving, process controls and profitable growth that Coupa enables. A dedicated partner network supports both the implementation and ongoing success of these customers in the high-growth and mid-market sectors.

Our award winners showcase incredible achievements, innovation, and growth. These companies prioritize expertise and experience over promises and potential — and all three of our Coupa award winners made it clear they have what it takes to help mid-market and high-growth customers realize and capitalize on the value of Coupa's business spend management (BSM) platform.

And our winners are...

Award: Ensuring Customer Success

Winner: CrossCountry Consulting

The Ensuring Customer Success award goes to CrossCountry Consulting. A Coupa partner since 2014, CrossCountry's team of global procurement and finance experts is committed to helping customers achieve success with their Coupa implementation. Their trained and certified Coupa consultants deliver support across four key areas:

  • Deployment — CrossCountry is committed to ensuring customers come in on time and on budget and maximize their investments in Coupa.
  • Implementation — Deep expertise with Coupa helps streamline BSM integration and drive success in both the short- and long-term.
  • Support — On-site support provides ongoing assistance to help deliver on platform potential and drive increased adoption across end-users.
  • Upgrading — CrossCountry consultants ensure customers are making the most of every new Coupa feature and functionality that comes with new platform versions.

Put simply? CrossCountry is committed to success at every level — from deployment and implementation to support and upgrades. As a result, they're the ideal recipient for our Ensuring Customer Success award.

Award: Focusing on Results

Winner: Acquis Consulting

The Focus on Results award goes to Acquis Consulting. A consulting firm specializing in strategy and implementation, Acquis is committed to helping ambitious organizations solve business challenges, enable sustainable growth, and create healthy efficiencies. With more than 17 years of experience in procurement and procure-to-pay (P2P) processes, Acquis is one of Coupa's top-performing mid-market Certified Implementation Partners. Acquis brings a host of benefits to the table, including:

  • Experienced consultants — Acquis' experienced management consultants help streamline the process of Coupa deployment and integration.
  • In-depth Coupa knowledge — With in-depth knowledge of both procurement processes and the Coupa platform, Acquis makes it possible for companies to get the most from BSM and P2P solutions. 
  • Flexible support structures — From fully on-site and remote support to a mix of both, Acquis is committed to helping customers achieve success however it works best for their business.
  • Expedited implementations — Sometimes, speed is of the essence. To help facilitate faster transitions, Acquis offers client-team augmentation that can help get Coupa deployments off the ground ASAP.

Acquis' commitment to equipping clients with whatever service and support they need — whenever they need it — to support Coupa implementations and deliver measurable outcomes makes them the best choice for our Focus on Results award.

Award: Striving for Excellence

Winner: The Shelby Group

The Strive for Excellence award goes to The Shelby Group. With a robust team of procurement optimization efforts, The Shelby Group is committed to helping companies achieve cost savings, reduce risk, and boost procurement compliance. Partnership with Coupa empowers customers to achieve continuous optimization by leveraging Coupa's innovative and easy-to-use platform, and Shelby offers expert support and assistance to mid-market companies no matter where they are in their journey:

  • Platform implementation — Shelby provides support for everything companies need — from project management to system configuration and business process analysis.
  • Program optimization — The Shelby Group puts it simply: Platforms enable results, but programs deliver them. By helping companies build detailed program roadmaps, Shelby helps clients increase total visibility, drive improved adoption, and deliver better business impact. 
  • Procurement operations — Outsourced operations with full accountability for SLAs and KPIs set Shelby apart by allowing companies to combine help desk, training, supplier enablement, and catalog management with their Coupa deployment.
  • Digital solutions — Full-featured digital solutions from Shelby can both reduce costs and improve efficiency, especially when paired with end-to-end Coupa platform support.

Excellence is built into every aspect of The Shelby Group. From implementation to optimization, operations and digitalization, Shelby is committed to bringing out the best in companies by equipping them with the Coupa platform and empowering them to use it. The result? They're a natural fit for the Strive for Excellence award.

Making a difference

Each of these partners offers a unique approach to the mid-market and high-growth space that has helped clients recognize and capitalize on the value of Coupa solutions but share similar values around passion and performance. All three are committed to facilitating client implementations and transitions not just through the initial stages of BSM deployment but along every part of their business spend management journey.

Once again, congratulations to all of the winners — thank you for working with us to help deliver solutions to our customers that go above and beyond to enable their success at scale, foster ongoing excellence, and focus on data-driven results.

Curious about our inaugural award winners? Check out their celebration videos at the bottom of these pages to learn more:

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