Education Leader Pearson Succeeds with Coupa for BSM

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Education leader Pearson succeeds with Coupa for BSM

Pearson Employee sitting for an interviewPearson Education is a FTSE 100 company, specializing in learning services and products. Through online and printed content, standard assessments, and curriculum design, Pearson helps over 75 million people advance their education each year. The organization is committed to empowering every learner at every stage of life to achieve better opportunities and fulfillment.

With 34,000 employees around the world, Pearson spends at least £2.5 billion per year to support its business, and they’re aiming to be a World-Class Procurement organization by 2020.

Before implementing Coupa, the education organization used several legacy spend systems. With data dispersed among these systems, decision-makers lacked the visibility they needed to make strategic decisions quickly, negotiate with suppliers, enforce compliance, and target areas to save.

Pearson chose Coupa’s business spend management (BSM) platform to improve risk management and compliance while channeling savings back into their organization. Pearson wanted adoption to be easy for employees so the organization could quickly make progress towards their goals of driving business value and elevating their procurement function.

Better BSM processes drive business success for Pearson

  • £300M in Spend Managed Through the Coupa Platform
    In just 6 months, Pearson has gotten up and running with £300 million in spend managed through the Coupa platform.
  • Percent of Compliant Spend Nearly Quadruples
    With their new business spend management platform, Pearson’s spend compliance rose from 22% to 85%, decreasing the organization’s overall risk.
  • Process Efficiency Improvements in the PR to PO Process
    Coupa’s efficient solution plus hard work from Pearson has resulted in significant time savings. The P.R. to P.O. process, which had been very lengthy, now takes less than a day.
  • Users Around the World Approve of the Coupa Experience
    With 25,000 of Pearson’s 34,000 global employees onboarded to the Coupa platform, a whopping 87% of them are happy with their experiences as users, according to an internal survey.

Pearson to be featured at Coupa’s London Inspire conference Nov 7
Want to learn more about Pearson’s success with Coupa? Key leaders from both organizations will highlight the significant BSM wins and best practices at Coupa’s Inspire conference in London on the 7th of November.