How the BSM Community is Combatting COVID-19 via Testing

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Spendsetters COVID-19 plan.

Last week, we introduced our Spendsetters: The Road to Resilience series, honoring the BSM community’s efforts to combat COVID-19 and its economic impact on many levels. We shared some inspiring examples of how the BSM community is working to arrest the spread of the virus by making PPE, tracking infections, and aiding shelter-in-place efforts. 

This week, we are recognizing members of the BSM community that are working hard to develop testing for COVID-19.  Thank you to Abbott, BD, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Roche for working relentlessly to expand accurate testing capability.

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Testing will remain essential to our collective safety as businesses begin to reopen in the coming months. And as we head into this next phase, staying agile will be necessary on both medical and business fronts. To prepare your business for the months ahead, visit our Business Resilience Hub for tips and our new resiliency framework about how to contain costs, mitigate risk, and increase agility.