Spendsetters: The Road to Resilience - Interview with April Cielica, Vidya Srinivasan, and Wade Shih of Procter & Gamble

Read time: 1 mins
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What do you do when the world shuts down during a pandemic, but you have to keep going, because the world depends on your products? That’s the reality that Procter & Gamble (P&G) faced this year as the manufacturer of essential products from its brands like Charmin, Pampers, Always, Gillette, and Tide.

P&G’s supply chain not only had to continue, it had to scale, because it was supplying essential goods that were suddenly in high demand, worldwide. The procurement team, led by April Cielica, Director of Global Procurement and Accounts Payable, rallied to respond – they established control towers, used data to identify risky, single-sourced materials, and collaborated with suppliers to ensure safety.

Check out their story below:

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