5 Reasons Why Coupa Inspire is the Finance Conference For CFOs and Treasury Leaders

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5 Reasons Why Coupa Inspire is the Finance Conference For CFOs and Treasury Leaders

Some questions never change:

  • How much cash do we have now? 
  • What projects can we pause so that we can maintain liquidity? 
  • How do I plan in the face of high trade and FX volatility? 
  • When and where can I safely invest to fuel growth? 

What’s changed is how finance leaders arrive at answers. The strategies and tools you were leaning on just a couple of years ago probably aren’t delivering like they used to. Disruption is showing up in many forms, and it’s becoming more frequent and more severe.1 Add another question to the list, then: How can we remain profitable and deliver on our purpose in the face of adversity?

Changing market conditions demand smarter business decisions. The fuel for those decisions? Business spend. Where you spend, on what, and with whom is critical to your company’s ability to be successful, achieve its corporate mission, and serve its global communities. And when you learn to harness spend effectively, you can unleash real, lasting transformation.

Inspire 2022: Uniting Beyond an Ordinary Finance Conference

The power of spend reaches its full potential when everyone supports it. In that spirit, we’re holding our annual conference, Coupa Inspire, this spring. It’s our global community event where forward-thinking finance, procurement, supply chain, and IT professionals come together. Unlike a conventional finance conference, this event takes a broader perspective on financial maturity, showcasing how business spend can be used to build toward a more secure fiscal future. You have two opportunities to join the Coupa community this spring: in Las Vegas from April 4-7, or in Berlin from 16-18 of May. Learn more.

Five Reasons Why Treasury and Finance Leaders Should Attend Inspire 2022

#1 Enrich your connections

The brightest of the Coupa community attend Inspire – the people we like to call “Spendsetters” who are industry leaders (like yourself). You’ll meet other finance, treasury, procurement, and supply chain professionals who are using spend and the practice of Business Spend Management (BSM) to deliver better results for their companies. Take advantage of opportunities to lead and join in the conversation.

The relationships you start here will prove even more valuable as markets remain uncertain and so many businesses revert to survival mode. Past year’s attendees attest that the connections forged at Inspire left them feeling engaged, energized, and empowered through a tough few years.

#2 See how top companies are reimagining finance

Hear case studies and participate in breakout sessions with global leaders as they relate their experiences in finance and treasury at companies like Velcro, The Knot Worldwide, Swiss Re, and Thumbtack. You’ll also discover how individual organizations, such as Sonoco, Zalando, and Zurich are coming together to achieve even greater value.  

#3 Start drafting your roadmap to financial maturity

Inspire is an excellent place to chart your organization’s financial journey. Over 100 sessions across a variety of topics and spotlights on the latest in BSM innovation (such as supply chain finance) deliver executive-level insight on immediate actions to take. Getting AP automation right, establishing a single source of financial truth, rolling out a global, unified source-to-settle process, expanding digital payments strategies, working capital management - it’s all here.

#4 Learn how to spearhead change successfully

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. At Inspire, we hope to offer a bit of optimism for being able to handle change skillfully. In the months to come, you’ll need to channel that optimism into sustainable strategies and tactics that bring everyone in your organization on board. Discover change management approaches that accelerate transformation, increase efficiency, deliver on ESG goals, and build resilience into your organization. We’ll show you how this can work across people, processes, and technology, ranging from executive stewardship and internal alignment between procurement and AP to training programs, supplier enablement, and data-driven decision making.

#5 Plan your next professional move

Career growth takes many forms. Whether you’re climbing the ladder or growing a lattice, draw inspiration from stories of how spend helps other financial professionals and treasurers assume more responsibility while delivering breakout performances on their chosen path.

The moment is now. Start your financial transformation journey and experience what it means to be united by the power of spend. Register for Inspire today.


1 "The resilience imperative: Succeeding in uncertain times," Fritz Nauck, Luca Pancaldi, Thomas Poppensieker, Olivia White, McKinsey Insights, 17 May 2021.