Learn What Resilient Companies Do Differently - Harvard Business Review Webinar

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What Resilient Companies Do Differently

“What should companies do to prepare for a recession?” This prescient question was posed a year ago in a Harvard Business Review article authored by McKinsey Partner Mihir Mysore. In the article, Mysore shared an analysis of businesses that managed to not only survive during the last downturn but to thrive, companies the authors dubbed “the resilients.” 

In today’s uncertain economy, this topic is more pressing than ever. On June 11th join Harvard Business Review for a live webinar featuring Mysore. He will share lessons learned from resilient companies during previous downturns and provide recommendations for what businesses should do to build resilience through these uncertain times. 

One lesson learned: a willingness to move early made the resilient companies far more likely to successfully weather economic shock. Learn more ways to come out of a downturn even stronger and build resilience in your business this Thursday at Noon US ET.

Mysore will talk about top trends, including how resilient companies are increasingly turning to digital tools and advanced analytics to bolster productivity, drive growth, and create supply chain resiliency.

Learn how to gain a competitive edge through uncertain times
Attend this webinar on Thursday, June 11th, and start making the right moves to give your company an advantage in the years ahead.