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It's time to get serious about relieving invoice processing pain

What's your e-invoicing strategy? With e-invoicing already mandatory across Latin America and EU governments considering following suit, it's never been more important for enterprises and SMEs that are expanding globally to adopt e-invoicing.


But going global is not the only reason to do it. Companies on average are receiving just 10% of invoices electronically, which means most companies have plenty of room to improve invoice processing and save money. There’s still lots of pain around manual invoicing and our infographic tells the story. Companies that move to e-invoicing are seeing benefits that add up to big savings in any currency, such as:


  •          Fewer lost or missing invoices
  •          Increased on-time payments
  •          Faster approval cycles
  •          Better visibility across transaction lifecycle
  •          Lower processing costs


What’s more, these benefits aren’t just for big enterprises any more. A new generation of cost effective, easy-to-implement cloud solutions are bringing these benefits, plus automated global compliance capabilities, within reach of smaller enterprises. The right solution can make all this pain go away.