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Look who’s buying cloud now: CEOs

Attitudes toward the cloud have shifted over the past several years. Business users were early adopters, pushing forward with cloud solutions, sometimes with and sometimes without IT.


Now IT is getting new pressure to go to the cloud from perhaps a surprising place: the office of the CEO. So said NetSuite CEO Zack Nelson in an article on ZDNet earlier this week. According to Nelson, CEOs are starting to sound more and more like CIOs:


“The CEO is saying things like, 'We've got to go faster' and 'Where's my data center?' The CEO is being pressured by the board who are telling them, 'We've got to create new business models.’


"So they go to the CIO and say, 'We need to reinvent things,' and the CIO says, 'Sure, that will take five years because we're on such an ancient system'. Now the CEO is taking things into their own hands. They're saying, 'That's not acceptable, we've got to get a platform we can experiment on'."

It’s all part of what Nelson says is a shift that he’s seen take place:

"Seven years ago the mind-set was 'cloud never' - we'll never use cloud for anything. Five years ago it was 'cloud maybe'. Now by and large, the decisions is 'cloud first' because everyone understands. Five years from now, are you really going to be buying software to run on premises? No one believes that."

"I think a lot of the fantasies we had from the early days of the internet are coming true. The democratization of the ability to make new business models, that the cloud platform has brought, means you can realise the internet dream. You can make something anywhere and sell it anywhere.

The conservative 'over my dead body' buyer is getting squeezed in the middle. And the body may be dead already."