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Making Cents of 2014: Top ten spend management articles


Yep that’s right! It’s that time of the year - roundup time. Time to reflect on the trends and topics in spend management of the past year, and what we learned.


We're listing your favorite posts from Coupa's bloggers from 2014, based on page views and social shares. This is what our readers found interesting, relevant and shareable over the last year. 



1. Why using OCR for electronic invoice processing is like hitching a buggy to your horse by J.R. Robertson on Spend Matters


Although implementing OCR technology may seem like a time saving payments solution, it won't save you anywhere near as much time as full invoice automation, writes J.R. You'll still spend lots of time on manual processes, just different ones.


2. How to get out of an abusive business relationship by Gabe Perez on Making Cents


Why stay with a business partner who isn’t treating you right? Sometimes companies get so used to bad vendor relationships they don't know there's anything better out there. Gabe takes a look at some of the warning signs of an unhealthy business relationship, as well as some strategies for breaking up.


3. Three fatal business case blunders and how to avoid them by Amit Duvedi on


Trying to change business processes can be a daunting task even under the best of circumstances. You’ll need a strong proposal to gain any traction with the stakeholders. In this article, Amit highlights three pitfalls that plague all too many proposals. Ignore them at your peril!


4. Is your company ready for the cloud: a 12-point checklist by Ravi Thakur on Making Cents


It seems like 2014 was the year the idea of having a "cloud first" strategy went mainstream. Before you take the leap, make sure you have a clear understanding of what it takes to implement the cloud and how it will change your business processes, says Ravi.


5. Look who’s buying cloud now: CEOs Making Cents


The benefits of the cloud have become apparent even at the top of the food chain. NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson says CEOs are feeling more and more pressure from their boards to streamline business practices and have turned to the cloud as the solution. 


6. Spend analytics helps avoid awkward moments with suppliers by Dipan Karumsi on Making Cents


Incomplete, outdated or bad data is a monkey wrench in the gears of your procurement machine, writes KPMG's Dipan Karumsi. Needing, for example, to go back to a vendor and asking how much you’ve paid them over the last quarter can be awkward, embarrassing, and compromising. The best solution is to invest time the time in processes needed to deliver quality analytics.


7. Punchout or you're out: Coupa partner solves punchout catalog woes by Brady Berman on Making Cents


Punchout sites can be a time-saver for buyers and a boon for suppliers, but behind the scenes, they’re a challenge to configure. Web developer Berman approached punchout from a different perspective to help a client hold onto a key account.


8. Going beyond the obvious to root out procurement fraud by Jack Miles on Making Cents


Fraudsters aren’t going to limit themselves to the obvious, so why should you stop at obvious measures of prevention? During his 30-year career in procurement, Jack Miles, now a member of Coupa's advisory board, saw it all. Here he reviews traditional safeguards against fraud, and suggests some innovative addendums.


9. Toward a better definition of "spend under management" by Amit Duvedi on


Spend under management as a proportion of total spend is an important figure to be able to identify. Unfortunately, it can mean different things at different companies so it's hard to benchmark and understand how you can improve. Amit takes a look how different companies define “spend under management” and proposes a definition for universal adoption.


10. What would Einstein think about enterprise software? By Kira Bernshteyn on Making Cents


The Father of Relativity isn’t around today to give his thoughts on enterprise software, but social media strategist Kira Bernshteyn takes a guess at what he might think, based on some of his most well-quoted thoughts.