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Cloud offers a new chance to get enterprise software right

The cloud and Software-as-a-Service are making inroads with large enterprises because they promise better, faster, and a lower total cost of ownership for applying information technology to business problems that have never been adequately addressed. As these deployments grow in size, complexity and strategic importance, the risk of failure increases…Read blog post

Is the new CFO really a COO in disguise?

I went to two CFO events last fall: a panel for hyper-growth companies in Silicon Valley and a breakfast in Dallas for Fortune 500 CFOs. Each event had a different theme but the conversation at both ended up being the same: How the role of CFO is changing with…Read blog post

The tale of the tail: Why addressing the microtail of spend matters

Is it worth the effort to address the microtail of suppliers and spending? When it comes to supplier enablement, procurement organizations have long followed the 80/20 rule, which is prioritizing electronic enablement for the twenty percent of suppliers that account for eighty percent of their spend. For these…Read blog post

The Tao of Procurement: 7 steps along the way

Get some incense burning and put on some meditative music. To start 2016 off on the right note, I’m going to talk about the Tao of Procurement. What is Tao? It literally means the path, or the way. In religion, it is a universal principle that underlies everything.…Read blog post

Coupa Advantage Brings Embedded Giving to B2B

  • January 21, 2016
  • |
  • Rob Bernshteyn
  •  |
  • Coupa
“Deduct or donate” has become a familiar question at the grocery checkout. If you bring your own grocery bags, you save the store a few pennies. Instead of pocketing that savings, the grocer instead asks you to decide whether to deduct it from your bill, or leave it with…Read blog post

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