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How do you know if your T&E program is successful?

  • August 14, 2017
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  • Ethan Laub
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  • Expenses
So you just finished implementing a new expense management system. How do you know if it’s successful? You may sense that everything is going smoothly. Users aren’t complaining too much. No one is screaming at you because they haven’t been reimbursed in three months. But how do you…Read blog post

Retaining top spend management talent

In this series of posts on four strategies for winning the war for top spend management talent, I’ve discussed the importance of getting more out of your current high level people, how to rewrite your job descriptionsto attract top the best candidates, and how to shift your criteria to…Read blog post

Widening the lens when looking for spend management talent

Strategic sourcing is at the heart of modern spend management. As more organizations automate transactional procurement activities and move in this direction, competition for talent is heating up. In previous posts, I’ve discussed strategies for addressing the talent gap, starting with maximizing the talent you have, then making sure your…Read blog post

Revising your job postings to lure top strategic sourcing talent

As I laid out in my Executive Guide to P2P, strategic sourcing is the future of spend management. As more companies automate tactical procurement and move in this direction, a talent shortage has developed. There are four keys to winning the war for talent. The first, which I discussed…Read blog post

Unlocking your strategic sourcing talent

Over the last five or so years, there has been a dawning realization within companies that spending on indirect goods and services—everything that you spend money on to run the company, excluding salaries—is a big area of opportunity for creating efficiency and cost savings. Many companies today are becoming…Read blog post