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“What should companies do to prepare for a recession?” This prescient question was posed a year ago in a Harvard Business Review article authored by McKinsey Partner Mihir Mysore. In the article, Mysore shared an analysis of businesses that managed to not only survive during the last downturn but to…Read blog post
After years of steady economic growth, businesses around the globe are confronted with uncertainty. The challenge for finance leaders today is to make the right decisions and changes that will enable their companies to become more resilient and thrive as we adjust to the new normal. When the COVID-19…Read blog post
I asked, "How can we be better customers?" - Doug Kortfelt, Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, CNA Financial Group. Being a better customer involves reexamining our own positions and changing the dynamics of our relationships for the better. For CNA Financial Group, one of the large…Read blog post
How do you respond to a crisis with resilience and agility? Chris DiOrio, VP of Strategic Sourcing/CPO of Staples, recently explained that his organization’s journey over the last several weeks has been filled with interesting and unique procurement challenges. From protecting workers, to dealing with demand spikes, to monitoring spend activity…Read blog post
As we continue down the Road to Resilience, we’ve heard stories of companies who have stepped up to provide value to society where it’s most needed. From arresting the spread of the disease, to developing test kits, to giving advice to businesses on how to stay resilient, many organizations are contributing…Read blog post