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The surprising truth about humans and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not new, but suddenly everyone seems to be talking about it. As I explained in my last article, we have hit an inflection point with computing power and data that is finally allowing for commercial applications of this technology, and that’s what all the excitement is…Read blog post

Why Spend Management Requires a Prescriptive Approach

  • September 20, 2017
  • |
  • Rob Bernshteyn
  •  |
  • Coupa
In the C-O-U-P-A alphabet, “P” is for prescriptive, as in prescriptive recommendations. Over the long term, this is the biggest opportunity for Coupa to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and for our customers to do the same with theirs. As the world goes digital, many of us find…Read blog post

5 Change Management Tips to Ensure a Successful T&E Implementation

Last month, a few members of Coupa’s expense management team embarked on our first-ever road trip, spanning six states, 3,000+ miles, and a whole lot of fast food meals. We rented an SUV, packed up our trusty mascot Edgar the Eagle, and spent two weeks on an epic loop through…Read blog post

For e-invoicing success, get compliance officers on board early

We have talked in previous posts about best practices for implementing e-invoicing—assessing your organization, designing it as a P2P project, and bringing in a global project manager. But, even organizations who have done all of this can still run into one last hurdle that could cause the project to suffer…Read blog post

Why spend management requires a ‘User-Centric’ approach

  • September 12, 2017
  • |
  • Rob Bernshteyn
  •  |
  • CEO
What does the “U” in C-O-U-P-A stand for? User Centricity. This is something I first started thinking about during my college days. The campus ATM I was born in Russia, and came to the United Stateswhen I was seven years old. Going into the second grade, I couldn't…Read blog post