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Grabbing Brexit Uncertainty by the Long Tail

We are now less than six months away from March 29, the date that Britain is set to exit the European Union, and the divorce agreement has yet to be finalized. Some are still holding out hope that a transition deal on trade, customs, and regulations can be reached before…Read blog post

Don’t let the “Amazon Effect” cloud 2020 vision for government procurement

Amazon looms large over the world’s commerce, drawing a stark contrast to old ways of shopping, and an even starker contrast to the way government agencies buy things. In fact, there’s even a term for it: The Amazon Effect. So, when Section 846 of 2018 National Defense Authorization Act was enacted,…Read blog post

Contingent Workers, Business Agility, and The Great Mystery of the UK’s Productivity Crisis

Just 8 years ago, we were under the heavy shadow of the global financial crisis. The unemployment rate soared, nearing 10% in places like the US and the UK. Today, it hovers around 4%, historically low territory.   But as labor markets tighten, economists, particularly in the UK, have…Read blog post

Why it’s time for healthcare to shift operational efficiency focus to the supply chain

Operational efficiency is a commonly used business term that means different things within different industries. In the healthcare industry, for the past three decades, it’s mostly meant digitizing patient records and getting ERP systems in place in order to improve patient care. Improving patient care will always be an…Read blog post

Coupa Inspire ‘18 EMEA: Meet your fellow spend management superheroes

  • October 04, 2018
  • |
  • Suhas Sreedhar
  •  |
  • Coupa
Managing your business spend is challenging, grueling work. It’s work that’s absolutely vital to the health of your company, and yet, it often flies completely under the radar. Sales gets praise for closing deals. Products are entrenched at the center of the business. But managing spend--finding those leaky faucets…Read blog post