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New, larger iPhone 6 will advance enterprise mobility

New, larger screen size options for the iPhone 6 are a step forward for enterprise mobility, as Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn noted in his comments on Bloomberg News about Apple's announcement.  As a sales executive, I'm keenly interested in mobility. I sell a solution that's mobile, and I travel…Read blog post

Explosive growth of cloud computing predicted to continue

Did you know the idea of cloud computing originated in the 1960s? It wasn’t until the widespread availability of Internet connectivity that cloud applications became available to the masses. made its debut in 1999, leading the charge to deliver enterprise applications on the web. Since then, cloud…Read blog post

Crazy 72-hour dash leads to new venture funding round

Emboldened by the success of our unconventional reverse auction-style approach to raising our third round of venture capital for Coupa Software, there was no question we would follow the same process for our next round, only faster, in four weeks instead of five. As it turned out, we raised…Read blog post

Coupa Benchmark: Invoice OK-to-pay times

Through Coupa's cloud platform, we track hundreds of metrics to both continually improve our platform and help our customers be successful.    The annual  Coupa Benchmark is designed to help companies by publishing data on key finance and procurement performance indicators. The Benchmark includes metrics about ten critical areas we…Read blog post

5 communication tips for procurement initiative success

How do you get widespread adoption of your spend management initiative? It's critical to have an easy to use tool, but you also have to communicate. You have to let people know what you're doing and why you're doing it. It helps to take a page from marketing best…Read blog post